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Customer Spotlight: Underground Greens

IMG_6384Challenge – Time consuming growing process
Solution – Two HydroCycle 9″ Pro NFT Series Microgreen Trays
Application – Expanding a microgreen business

Maryna Higgins is the owner of Underground Greens, a microgreen business, which she started in her D.C. apartment in 2015. Higgins began by growing a few varieties of microgreens while testing the market, and early on she found that local chefs preferred having smaller, more frequent deliveries which Higgins then started to offer.

P1020512Higgins happened to stumble upon Growers Supply, a division of FarmTek, and discovered the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Hands-On Workshop while looking through the Growers Supply catalog. Higgins thought the CEA workshop would be a great resource for taking her business, to the next level. She signed up for the May CEA Hands-On Workshop at Growers Supply’s Connecticut location, and she really enjoyed the experience. Higgins said, “I thought the workshop was well organized and had a lot of helpful information. I really liked the hydroponic hands-on experience.” As with all CEA attendees, Higgins received a $995 Growers Supply credit and she returned to D.C. As Higgins’ business expanded she rented commercial space, but realized she needed an easier, more time effective way to grow her delicious microgreens. She chose to spend her CEA workshop credit on two HydroCycle 9″ Pro NFT Series Microgreen Trays.


The hydroponic system has been a game changer for Underground Greens. “Prior to the Microgreen Tables I was watering my plants by hand every day, and it was very labor intensive,” said Higgins. She continued, “The hydroponic system saves time and gives me the opportunity to focus on marketing and growing my business, while also being visually appealing and easy to clean.” Higgins is now experiencing a better and more consistent microgreen and wheatgrass crop with the HydroCycle 9″ Pro NFT Series tables. Higgins says the system gives her piece of mind, “The system is a huge time saver, and now I can focus on obtaining more clients knowing my plants are watered and supplied with nutrients on a consistent basis.” Higgins now sells her microgreens and wheatgrass to restaurants, catering companies, juicing companies and a grocery store.


Higgins has enjoyed her experience with Growers Supply, “The National Account Managers are very patient with me and spend a lot of time explaining and searching for answers. I like the personal touch and opportunity to talk to a human being instead of recordings.”

To learn more about Underground Greens and their HydroCycle 9″ Pro NFT Series Microgreen Tables visit

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