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A Haunting on the Farm – Tales of Some “Not-So-Living” Farmers

full moon

Halloween is a great time to share ghost stories, visit haunted locations (whether fake or real) or dress up like a monster, villain or something totally ethereal. Just like those of you who work on the farm, the spirits who haunt the farms we are about to share with you, work every day of the year. Get ready for some spine tingly, hair-raising tales of how normal farms became inhabited by the undead. Happy Halloween!

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Abigail’s Fodder for Thought – Wait, what WINTER?!

Fodder trailer at WDE

It seems like fall is flying by me this year. Last I recall, it was September and I was gearing up for a month of trade shows and traveling through the glorious autumn weather to enjoy what other folks experience (outside of New England). Growing up in Maine and living in Connecticut now, fall has always been a favorite of mine. The leaves are changing, I can order hot coffee instead of iced, scarves and coats come out of the closet and I can enjoy an afternoon outside without feeling like I’m melting. It’s that homey time of year when you move from the outdoor fire pit and BBQ to the inside fire place with warm apple cider—yum!

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Market Review: Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market – August 25, 2013

Photo credit to Liss Flint

I want to preface this blog by giving a huge THANK YOU to Liss Flint, the photographer of the great pictures you will see below (and above). Stop by her facebook page and check it out, if you have a chance!

There are few things I love more than attending local farmers’ markets during the summer, especially on days when the weather is as fantastic as it was this weekend here in Connecticut. In our part of the state, we are proud to host the largest farmers’ market in New England—the Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market, located on the Nathan Hale Homestead in Coventry. I am fortunate enough to live very close to this market and more Sundays than not, I can be found wandering the countless vendors and farm stands who display their goods at this destination market, which draws crowds well into the hundreds every weekend. When we discussed posting a blog about a local farmers market review, I was more than happy to offer to write it and naturally, the Coventry market was my top pick (as if I needed another excuse to visit!).

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Cow Tales from the Dairy Farm: Spring Cleaning!

Snow Farm

As many of you know, winter is the season that makes mice of men, or in my case, a frozen farmer.  Living in New England, we get it all—wind, snow, sleet and a winter thaw (and often all in the same day).  During the winter, all of us down at the farm wait impatiently for when the calendar rolls around to spring.

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Cow Tales from the Dairy Farm – “I Leased my First Dairy Heifer”

Dill, Kathy's Holstein This week’s FarmTek Farmer is Kathy Benoit, a dairy farmer from our Connecticut office.

Being a farmer in New England is always an adventure, especially when you are a farmer just starting out. Coming from a suburban household, farming was never something that Mom and Dad really thought I would be interested in, but when I got my first rabbit at the age of 7, I was hooked! Starting in 4-H with my little bunny, Buster, I learned all about proper animal husbandry. Even at that early age, I knew I wanted to work with animals. As I got older, I studied animal science at my local high school in the Agricultural Education program and joined the National FFA Organization. My project started off as a few rabbits, but with a sharp focus in animal science, I eventually discovered my true passion, dairy cattle. Read more