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Introducing our new bloggers

Meet our bloggers

If you are a devoted blog follower of ours, you may have noticed a few new contributors recently. Over the past few months, we have had several new writers contributing to the blog, and we wanted to take a moment to personally introduce our new team of writers. Learn more about our new contributors as they share some of their personal experiences and industry expertise that has led them to joining the FarmTek team. Read more

The Life of an Order – ClearSpan & Manufactured Products

Manufactured ProductsLast November, we posted the first of our “Life of an Order” blog series, which discussed the process in which our non-manufactured items are picked, packaged and shipped, often times all within the same day the order was placed. While a large majority of our 30,000 plus products fall into the non-manufactured category, some of our best selling products are designed and manufactured by our highly skilled team of engineers, right here in the USA. Larger items, such as a Pro-Solar StarTM Greenhouse, FodderPro Feed System, hydroponic system, ClearSpan Fabric Structure and more, require special care and attention from a collection of specialists, including design teams, engineers and specialized sales representatives, all of which ensure that your product is built to your exact specifications. Read more

FarmTek introduces new Rolling Bench with Propagation Tray

Rolling Bench with Propagation TrayAs an industry leading manufacturer and distributor of agricultural, growing and storage supplies, we here at FarmTek strive to offer the widest selection of products to suite any farming need. The recent addition of our new Rolling Bench with Propagation Tray enables those producing crops within a controlled environment to quickly and easily transplant seedlings from propagation trays to Dutch Buckets, NFT systems and more.

The 48”W x 96”L grow bench saves time on preparation and transplanting, enabling you to spend less time preparing and more time growing. Featuring a strong, corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel frame with casters, this tray glides throughout your growing space. Capable of holding 1,000 lbs. while stationary or 300 lbs. when moving, the new Rolling Bench with Propagation Tray offers a helpful hand to growers everywhere.

Shop our complete selection of 30,000 plus products online at

Meet the New Bloggers

Guess WhoWhether you’re a devoted reader of our blog, or just a casual observer, there is a chance you may have noticed some changes in our writing style and topic coverage over the last few months. Those changes have come about from our dedicated team of new bloggers, all of whom have been producing new and original content for the blog since August 2014. We wanted to take some time to let our readers know a little bit more about who we are and offer some insight into our industry expertise and experience within the field. Read more

FarmTek: Made in the USA

ClearSpan Building in IowaWith Fourth of July festivities taking place tomorrow, we know that everyone is feeling that surge of American spirit running through your veins. Here at FarmTek, we are proud to produce American-made goods each and every day. From our ClearSpanTM Fabric Structures to our FodderPro Feed Systems, we design, engineer and manufacture many of our products right here in the land of the free and home of the brave. Read more