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The top heating methods and where to use them

effinity-heater-in-greenhouseIt is well into December and while snow has not yet collected on the ground here at our South Windsor, Connecticut headquarters, the winter chill has certainly set in. With the sun setting just after 4 PM and temperatures rarely breaking 40 degrees Fahrenheit, winter in the Northeast can be one of the most challenging seasons, especially when caring for plants or livestock. Thankfully, our company headquarters have been here in the Northeast since our establishment in 1979, and because of that, we have 30+ years of first-hand experience to help your farm remain warm and functional throughout this challenging time. Read more

The state of our food waste


There is no denying that our world has been drastically modernized over the past few decades. Dating back to just 1960, technology has rapidly developed and made essentially anything and everything accessible at the touch of a button. This means that friends and family can keep in touch instantly, even when living on opposite sides of the country. It even means that groceries can now be paid for and delivered directly to your doorstep without ever needing to step foot outside. Read more

Introducing our new GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures website

GH Screen ShotFarmTek/Growers Supply, the industry-leading manufacturer of greenhouse structures with over 40 years experience and 14,000 structures in the field today, is proud to announce the launch of its new GrowSpan website. The site can be found at, and it represents the culminations of FarmTek/Growers Supply’s greenhouse rebranding efforts. Read more

Now’s the Time for that Building Solution You’ve Been Thinking About

Outfitting your farm with the necessary buildings and structures can quickly become costly. While FarmTek has been providing custom designed ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Buildings to the agricultural community for decades, many customers are surprised to find that there are also a wide range of Freestanding and Pony Wall Buildings that provide an economical – yet dependable – solution that ships fast and can be constructed quickly. Read more

Sizing a hydroponic system

CS Greens For You S1000 08Once you have made the decision to grow hydroponically, your focus should turn to planning for your new system. Last week, we covered the top factors to consider when venturing into hydroponic crop production. We discussed how important it is to know your market, crop production goals, size limitations and more before purchasing your system. If you have not already reviewed this topic, you can find a link to it here. We suggest reviewing the topics for consideration before sizing your system, as having answers to our top considerations list can help provide you with more accurate numbers, making your overall system sizing process much more precise. Read more

Top considerations when planning for hydroponics

IMG_3292Hydroponic crop production has seen continued growth throughout the past few years, and for good reason. While early adopters have already established themselves within the industry, many more are now looking to tap into this highly promising and productive market. While making the decision to grow hydroponically may come easily to some, it is important to plan carefully in advance in order to see the most positive results. Once the decision has been made to grow with hydroponics, there are four major factors to consider when planning and preparing for the actual system itself. Read more

Introducing a new way to find your structural solutions

CS30FarmTek has been providing ClearSpan structures to farmers everywhere for decades. As the agricultural industry becomes more competitive with each passing year, the ability for farms to quickly obtain the supplies, tools and structures they need is essential to maintaining a strong business. Read more

Have you ever considered living in a greenhouse?

For most growers a greenhouses’ only use is for controlled environment agriculture and being able to grow produce year-round. But a group of agricultural innovators have discovered one of the simplest and most eco-friendly ways to save money on heating and electricity, and it involves shacking up with their plants. To these savvy, green-conscious trendsetters, greenhouses no longer have to be used purely for growing produce and relegated to a small space in the backyard. Instead, this group of innovators are embracing the greenhouse for its warm, cost-effective living space.

Read more

A sustainable future with hydropoincs

LettuceIt is no surprise to anyone within the farming and growing community that over the past few years, growing conditions have become increasingly challenging and presented a number of new obstacles to overcome. These changes have come about rapidly and with strong influence, forcing farmers to adapt quickly to new growing techniques or suffer through another year of lower than average harvests. Read more

Customer Spotlight – Fodder at Double J Farms

111628 Animals Dairy 06Challenge – Improve quality of milk in winter
Solution – Two FodderPro 3.0 Commercial Feed System
Application – Hydroponic fodder for dairy cow consumption

Sitting on 75 acres of Ohio farmland, Double J Farms has been owned by Joe Streit for over 30 years. The farm is mainly a dairy operation where they furnish raw milk to herd share owners, but the farm also raises some beef, as well as pigs and layer hens. Read more