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Tomato Diseases Part 3: Insects

Tomato PestsAs we wind down our look into tomato disease, it would be difficult to overlook the damage that is caused by pests in the tomato industry. Pests will inflict physical damage and also spread many of the diseases we’ve previously discussed. They can leave operations of all sizes decimated, so it is crucial to know how to handle them. Controlling pests can be difficult, but it’s certainly necessary, so we’ll discuss some of the more common pests and how their presence and activity can be curbed. Read more


Tomato Diseases Part 2: Wilt & Rot

Wilted Tomato PlantsLast time we looked into some of the most harmful tomato diseases, like early and late blight, and hopefully you have been able to keep your tomato plants – and garden as a whole – disease free since. Today we’ll build off of last week and discuss a couple of wilting diseases, a disease that creates harmful spotting on the leaves and one that can cause deep, unsightly lesions, and all of these are caused by fungi. Let’s jump right in. Read more

Tomato Diseases Part 1: Crop Destruction

Healthy Tomato GrowthStanding among a growing tomato field or greenhouse is a lovely sight. The deep red fruit ascending the supports or trellised the ceiling of a greenhouse shows us the beauty, functionality and sustainability that can occur when man works alongside nature. Of course, tomatoes also offer growers a great way to make money, and for these reasons tomatoes are one of the most commonly grown crops in America. Second to only the Chinese in production, Americans spend countless hours every growing season producing fresh tomatoes for households everywhere or processing purposes. Read more

Ultimate Guide to Growing Tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoesIf you are growing anything on your farm or in your garden, chances are it’s tomatoes. Tomatoes are the favorite child of the growing industry because of their versatility in the field and the kitchen. Growing the perfect tomato is often the ultimate goal of backyard gardeners and large growers alike. While it’s pretty simple to grow a couple decent beefsteaks, growing organic, Cherokee Purple tomatoes is a bit more complicated. Read more