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4-H Fair Weekend Re-Cap

tolland 4-h fair

You may not be able to believe it, but in many spots around the country, summer vacation is winding down and kids are thinking about going back to school in a few weeks. Despite the bittersweet end to summer, however, there’s lots to look forward to in the coming months, including one of my favorite times of the year—fair season! In fact, many towns and counties around the country have already started hosting their annual 4-H county fairs and here in Connecticut, this past weekend brought the Tolland County 4-H Fair to town, a hit with families and locals every year! I serve as an advisor to the 4-H kids who organize this fair. I help to coordinate and run the goat show for this fair and have been involved for over 12 years (wow…I feel old typing that!), and this year was one of the best fairs I can remember.

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Discover the Amazing Benefits of the Fodder-Pro Feed System

Fodder Day 8Hydroponics is a method of soilless growing that is increasing in popularity for hobby and commercial growers, and now, more and more farmers are realizing the benefits of using this ground-breaking technique to grow animal fodder. Our unique hydroponic fodder growing system, called the Fodder-Pro Feed System, is designed to rapidly produce highly nutritious, economical fodder at a low cost, with minimal labor. By implementing fodder into your livestock’s diet, your animals will be happier and healthier, providing you with great benefits. Plus, since the system can be used to grow restaurant-quality microgreens suitable for human consumption, it offers a way to provide you and your family with delicious home-grown food right from your fodder system. Read more

Spotlight on Pure County Pork and their Healthy Hog Housing

 Pure County Pork - Healthy Hog Housing 1More and more people are realizing the significance of knowing where their food comes from and how it is produced. So, raising livestock that will eventually be sold as food has to be done in a way that makes the consumer feel comfortable feeding it to their families. This means that it is crucial to care for the animals in the healthiest, most humane way possible from day one until they are sent off to their final stop. Paul Klingeman, owner of Pure County Pork, realized that he needed to find a cost-effective, clean way to house his pigs in order to keep his customers, as well as the animals, happy. He found exactly what he was looking for in fabric structures. Read more