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Alpaca Lunch – A Fodder Lunch, That Is!


Alpaca have quickly become a popular choice for those interested in raising livestock that can produce a high-quality and highly desired product. Raised primarily for their fiber, also called fleece, alpaca is one of the best and most desired fibers because of its light-weight, but extremely warm and durable qualities. Alpaca fleece is popular among those who do not like wool, because an alpaca’s fiber is much softer and can be less “itchy” than wool.

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Spotlight on Two Branch Ranch and their Fantastic Fodder System


Mark and Sue Schalk started Two Branch Ranch when they were looking to return to the farm life. Sue explains, “We started small with three alpacas, one English Angora rabbit and a handful of chickens.”  Today, the farm is home to quite a few more animals. “We’ve focused mainly on the alpacas and over the past few years have grown to a herd of twenty-one animals with five pregnant females due this spring.” Sue spends her time on the farm hand-spinning, weaving and processing the alpaca fiber to create finished goods which the couple sells at their local farmers’ market, fiber fairs and online.

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Spotlight on Riverside Alpaca Farm and their Herd’s New Home

Livestock Housing by FarmTekRaising livestock can be extremely rewarding, especially when you find a way to keep them happy and comfortable in their space. Moving from one farm to another can be especially hard for livestock, so if the new home you transition them into is much better than the last, it can make the change a bit easier. This was the case when John and Christine Gardiner moved from Sandy, Oregon to Cave Junction and offered their alpacas quite the upgrade in living quarters.
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