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Now’s the Time for that Building Solution You’ve Been Thinking About

Outfitting your farm with the necessary buildings and structures can quickly become costly. While FarmTek has been providing custom designed ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Buildings to the agricultural community for decades, many customers are surprised to find that there are also a wide range of Freestanding and Pony Wall Buildings that provide an economical – yet dependable – solution that ships fast and can be constructed quickly.

While these structures offer a number of benefits in and of themselves, now is the time to prepare your farm or operation for the storage, housing or workspace solution that you need, because ClearSpan will be offering 10% off the line of Freestanding and Pony Wall Buildings starting June 23rd.

Benefits of a ClearSpan Freestanding Building

Freestanding Buildings are ideal for those that need a dependable structure that won’t take too long to construct or cost too much. Freestanding Buildings are built using single-cord, steel tubing that is 14 gauge. The steel has been triple galvanized, so it can withstand corrosive environments. These structures come with heavy-duty mounting feet that ensure a secure and sturdy hold. Mounting feet also eliminate the need for expensive foundations that slow down the building process. Each Freestanding Building can be clad with end panels and roll-up sides, and they are available with an optional skylight that improves illumination during the daylight hours.

Benefits of a ClearSpan Pony Wall Building

Pony Wall Buildings are similar to Freestanding Buildings. The major difference is that Pony Wall Buildings can be mounted on wood posts or concrete walls. This provides extra clearance, making these structures an ideal solution for storing large equipment or for use as a workspace. A Pony Wall Building is also a good choice for those in colder climates, because they can easily be insulated with FarmTek’s TekFoil™ Reflective insulation.

If you’ve been considering the addition of a new structure, now is the time to put a plan in place. With 10% off ClearSpan Freestanding Buildings and ClearSpan Pony Wall Buildings taking effect June 23, just about anybody can afford their structural solution.

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