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Introducing a new way to find your structural solutions

CS30FarmTek has been providing ClearSpan structures to farmers everywhere for decades. As the agricultural industry becomes more competitive with each passing year, the ability for farms to quickly obtain the supplies, tools and structures they need is essential to maintaining a strong business. Read more

Customer Spotlight – Krapfl Ag. Commodities

56 x 180 Petersburg, IALocation: Petersburg, Iowa

Challenge: Harsh weather and manure runoff

Solution: ClearSpan Beef Master Systems Building

Size: 56’W x 180’L

Application: Livestock Housing

Tim Krapfl, owner of Krapfl Ag. Commodities, knows all too well the unpredictability of the weather in Iowa. From cold winters to hot summers, Krapfl realized he needed protection from the elements for his beef cattle. Part of Krapfl’s business is backgrounding Holstein feeder cattle that can weigh anywhere from 300-600 pounds. He needed a large, open-air structure where he could protect his cattle from the weather, while also keeping tight control over manure runoff. He found this solution in a ClearSpan Beef Master Systems building. Read more

Preventing Barn Pests

Mouse in the barnSpring time is near, and that means that unwanted barn dwellers will soon come out of hiding and become active once again. Pests are not only unsightly, but can also be hazardous to your health and the health of your livestock. Whether your pest problem is large or small, quickly identifying and addressing any sort of issue is the proper thing to do. Read more

Chill out! Keeping Livestock Cool on Hot Summer Days

It’s the official start to summer today and temperatures are quickly climbing to 97° here at our corporate offices in Connecticut. The farmers in the office are buzzing about keeping their animals cool during what looks to be a heat wave headed our way. Too much heat takes a toll on farm animals, just like with people, and can affect their health, fertility, and reproduction. In more serious cases heat stress can lead to disease, decreased growth and increased mortality rates.

Dairy Housing in a ClearSpan Fabric StructureKathy B., our guest dairy blogger extraordinaire, is keeping an eye out for warning signs of heat stress in her dairy herd. She pays close attention to any of her girls panting, open mouth breathing or eating less. Even a low level of heat stress in dairy cows can lead to decreased milk production. Read more

Spotlight on King’s Hill Farm – “Building a Sustainable Future”

Solar Star Gothic GreenhouseMost growers that operate a CSA try to get a jumpstart on the growing season to provide the greatest amount of goods to its members. When Jai and Joel Kellum founded King’s Hill Farm in 2008, they knew they needed a controlled growing environment to combat the unpredictable Wisconsin spring weather.
Read more