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10 Tips for Raising Healthy Chicks

Raising Healthy ChickensIt’s almost spring time, and everybody knows that means the days get longer and we can start to put away those ever-so-helpful winter jackets. But did you know that spring time is also the best time to update or purchase poultry products that can help increase the health and productivity of your flock? To help you raise happier and healthier poultry, we’ve picked out the top ten items your chicks need and included some helpful tips.  Read more


Abigail’s Fodder for Thought – Wait, what WINTER?!

Fodder trailer at WDE

It seems like fall is flying by me this year. Last I recall, it was September and I was gearing up for a month of trade shows and traveling through the glorious autumn weather to enjoy what other folks experience (outside of New England). Growing up in Maine and living in Connecticut now, fall has always been a favorite of mine. The leaves are changing, I can order hot coffee instead of iced, scarves and coats come out of the closet and I can enjoy an afternoon outside without feeling like I’m melting. It’s that homey time of year when you move from the outdoor fire pit and BBQ to the inside fire place with warm apple cider—yum!

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Tales From the Fodder Trails…Sam Takes on Wisconsin!

FarmTek Fodder Trailer

Here at FarmTek, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of controlled environmental agriculture. But, the million-dollar question remained: can we control the environment of a trailer while DRIVING over 1,200 miles? The answer: a resounding yes! That’s not to say we recommend it! We now know it can be done. Three days before departing, I soaked the seeds. Two days before leaving I put the seeds into the channels right in the trailer. Practicing what we preach, we kept the air moving and cool—usually around 68 degrees with a relative humidity around 60%. We had a timer that watered the channels two minutes every two hours. The day had come to finally get on the road. Bright and early, we left our corporate office in South Windsor, CT. All was going according to plan…until we got to Ohio!

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Hay isn’t just for horses—Spotlight on Crescent Duck Farm

Hay isn't just for horsesHay season is upon us and it isn’t just for horses. The fact that hay and straw have so many purposes around the farm usually means that they are needed in abundance. So how do farmers keep a large inventory of hay bales, but keep them safely stored and out of the elements? Read more

Abigail’s Fodder for Thought – Three guys, a girl and a fodder trailer – 2013 WI Farm Technology Days

Fodder Trailer

My most recent venture out of the office was a first for me. How is that possible you ask? Well, this trade show, I got to take a back seat and see how it all works.

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Spotlight on GoneStraw Farms: Fodder – A Fresh, Green Feed Solution

ImageWhen Reese McClure and his wife Christine of GoneStraw Farms in California increased their flock of chickens and ducks to 2,500 birds in 2010, they encountered an out-of-control feed bill as a result.  Reese’s self-instated role of catering to “his girls” every need means that he is constantly tweaking their diet in order to find a balance between health and maximum egg production.  However, this was growing costly for Reese and he needed to find a way to feed his birds that would still offer the highest level of nutrition possible while remaining cost conscious.

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The Great Eggsperiment: BBQ Chicken 101

Free range chickens

Okay, okay, it isn’t what it sounds like. We didn’t have Little Red or any of her sisters for dinner. I simply mean that the ladies got to come out and socialize at our first barbeque of the season!

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The Farmer’s Easter Egg Hunt

easter eggs

While Easter egg hunts are a great time for the youngster’s this time of year, we know that there is almost as much color in the poultry world as there is in kids’ baskets on Easter morning! While it is most common to only find white and brown eggs at your local supermarket, at the farm you can find a myriad of different types of eggs. Today’s blog post focuses on some different types of eggs and what they look like!

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A Healthy Flock Starts with Healthy Chicks – A Guide to Hatching and Raising Chicks

As spring sets in, many people are deciding to purchase fertilized eggs or newborn chicks to start, or add to, a flock of chickens. Like the young of any species, chicks need to be carefully cared for and monitored to ensure they grow up to be strong, healthy, productive birds. Whether you decide to use your own fertilized eggs, purchase them or order chicks, be sure you are aware of the equipment and care needed to raise them.

chicks and feed

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FarmTek Farmers – How I Get My Girls Ready for Winter

FarmTek Farmers – How I Get My Girls Ready for Winter This week’s FarmTek Farmer is Joe Nitch, a poultry farmer who works in our CT office.  Here is how he prepares his chickens for the winter weather.

Autumn in New England means the nights are getting colder, days are getting shorter, leaves are turning bright oranges, yellows and reds, and the feathers are dropping like crazy! Feathers? That’s right, feathers! The onset of shorter days and colder nights throws my ladies into a molt. My ladies being barred rocks, rhode island reds, black stars and auracanas, that is. The girls are getting ready for winter by shedding all their feathers and growing new ones. This process takes a lot of energy, which usually means egg production drops from 12 to 16 eggs per day down to 1 to 2 eggs per day. While they are preparing for winter, I am as well. Read more