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Successful Farmers Market Tips Part 3: Market Day

Succeed with at your farmers marketBy the eve of market day there’s a good chance you’re  pretty tired from all of the work you’ve already put into finding markets and designing your stand, but it’s about to pay off – finally. The first day at the market is busy and may be slightly nerve racking, but you know what? Market day can actually be the easiest part, and it’s a fun way to make money. All you have to do is be nice, personable and leave your customers and fellow vendors with a positive experience. Read more

Successful Farmers Market Tips Part 2: Designing and Setting Up Your Stand

farmers market shoppingHopefully, you’ve put some thought into joining a farmers market, and by now maybe you’ve even looked into joining your local market or have reached out to some market managers. But what comes next? It is now time to design and set up your stand. The stand is perhaps the most important part of the farmers-market experience. It grabs people’s attention, draws them in and hopefully generates sales in and of itself. It is important to not only have a stand that looks nice, but also one that is laid out and functions properly. In this blog we’ll go over how you can create a stand that attracts customers and is actually a tool for gaining sales. Read more

Successful Farmers Market Tips Part 1: Getting Started

Farmstand As farmers market season descends upon us, plenty of people are anticipating the vibrant colors of fresh produce, the enticing aromas of homemade goods, and the social atmosphere of a busy market. While people all over the country ponder these romantic notions, if you’re considering becoming a vendor or currently are a vendor there is a thought that probably repeatedly pushes itself to the front lines of your mind: cash.  How you can make it, reinvest it into next season’s harvest, and –hopefully – how you can save some for yourself. Read more

Market Review: Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market – August 25, 2013

Photo credit to Liss Flint

I want to preface this blog by giving a huge THANK YOU to Liss Flint, the photographer of the great pictures you will see below (and above). Stop by her facebook page and check it out, if you have a chance!

There are few things I love more than attending local farmers’ markets during the summer, especially on days when the weather is as fantastic as it was this weekend here in Connecticut. In our part of the state, we are proud to host the largest farmers’ market in New England—the Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market, located on the Nathan Hale Homestead in Coventry. I am fortunate enough to live very close to this market and more Sundays than not, I can be found wandering the countless vendors and farm stands who display their goods at this destination market, which draws crowds well into the hundreds every weekend. When we discussed posting a blog about a local farmers market review, I was more than happy to offer to write it and naturally, the Coventry market was my top pick (as if I needed another excuse to visit!).

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Photos are worth 1,000 words—or $500!

Feed Buckets

Do you love taking pictures as much as you love your FarmTek products? Well, it’s time to get inspired and take some great photos of your favorite FarmTek items in action because our 2013 Photo Contest starts June 18th! Since we love our loyal readers so much, we wanted to give you a couple days head start to find (or take) the perfect photo!

Get ready for your ten seconds of fame, because if you win, you’ll be featured on our website and this very blog. Anyone can enter and we’re looking for photos showcasing how you use our products, so get snapping.

The grand prize winner will receive a $500 FarmTek gift certificate and five lucky runners-up will each receive a $200 FarmTek gift certificate. How’s that for motivation?

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