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Abigail’s Fodder for Thought – Wait, what WINTER?!

Fodder trailer at WDE

It seems like fall is flying by me this year. Last I recall, it was September and I was gearing up for a month of trade shows and traveling through the glorious autumn weather to enjoy what other folks experience (outside of New England). Growing up in Maine and living in Connecticut now, fall has always been a favorite of mine. The leaves are changing, I can order hot coffee instead of iced, scarves and coats come out of the closet and I can enjoy an afternoon outside without feeling like I’m melting. It’s that homey time of year when you move from the outdoor fire pit and BBQ to the inside fire place with warm apple cider—yum!

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Cow Tales from the Dairy Farm: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of Year

dairy barn with fansAs some of our avid readers already know, it is my favorite time of year—FALL!  This means finishing up hay crops, chopping corn and traveling to livestock shows. In the dairy industry, the Super Bowl of dairy shows is World Dairy Expo. Expo is a place where the industry comes together to celebrate its finest members, as well as look to the future, by displaying the best of the best in newest innovations and products.

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Tales from the Fodder Trails – Kat Takes on the Hebron Harvest Fair

fodder trailer hebron fair

If there is one thing all year that I get excited about, it’s the county fair. Last weekend, I had the pleasure of representing FarmTek’s Fodder Trailer at the Hebron Harvest Fair. There are so many things that I love about the fair—the rides, games, fried dough, tractor pulls and horse shows. So naturally, when I was asked to go and exhibit our fodder trailer, I jumped at the chance! Saturday and Sunday where perfect days for the fair— a bit cool in the morning and in the afternoon it warmed up and was very sunny.

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Spotlight on Pereira Pastures Dairy – Less Pasture? More Fodder!

Pereira cows eating fodder

Like many farmers across the nation, Albert Pereira of Pereira Pastures Dairy knows what it’s like to deal with drought and dwindling pastureland for his dairy herd. As the only “Licensed Raw for Retail” dairy farm in West Texas, Pereira raises Jersey cows, which are known for their high-protein and high-quality milk yield. However, when drought conditions were destroying Pereira’s grazing pastures, he knew it was time to start looking for new feed solutions.

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Spotlight on the Hurleys and Their Small-Farm Fodder System

fodder channels

Mary Hurley lives on the farm she grew up on with her husband, Wayne.  She is the third generation to live on the farm, and moved back to help her dad and brother. Mary and Wayne recently bought their first milk cow and soon realized that feed costs were rising out of control.

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Cow Tales from the Dairy Farm – Cool as a Cucumber

cows in pasture

Phew, is it hot outside!!!

Now that the rain has finally subsided for a few minutes here in the Northeast, it is time for the sun to shine on down.  We are starting to catch up with our 1st cutting hay (really late this year!!) and spraying the corn fields (now that we can get in them without sinking in a foot).  While all of this is going on, we also need to focus on keeping everyone cool since the temperature is starting to really kick into high gear.

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Goats 101 – The Facts on Feed

111628 Animals Goats 01

In today’s goat blog post, I will be addressing the common question that many people have asked me over the years: Goats eat anything, right?  Wrong!  If you read some of the very first goat blog posts a few months back, you’ll remember that I covered some common misconceptions about goats and this was one of the most frequently spread myths that people have about these funny barnyard critters. Feeding goats, or any animal for that matter, is something to take fairly seriously so you can be sure you are providing them with the best nutrition and care possible.

Like many farm animals, goats can serve many purposes. Milk production is probably the most common purpose for goats, followed by meat and fiber production. What you are raising goats for will determine what you feed them, how often and how much.

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Cow Tales from the Dairy Farm: Why I’m not a Jersey Fan

Calves in hutches
Kathy Benoit, a dairy farmer from our Connecticut office, returns as this week’s FarmTek Farmer.

Farming is one of the few things in this life that is consistently inconsistent. Each type of farm has its own routines, but something always happens to make each day its own special event. Whether it is the corn finally popping up out of the plowed field, or that overdue pregnant cow deciding to calve the night you have to be at a meeting in 20 minutes, things are always changing, but yet, always staying the same. One thing that is an ongoing project for me is dealing with milk fed calves. On my small dairy, I generally keep a manageable sized group of calves to grow on milk. I not only raise calves that my cows have produced, but I bring in newborns from other farms as well. Read more