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That’s one hoppy beer- Growing hops with Boe Part II

Boe KempToday’s blog post comes from our guest blogger, Nichole Kemp.  Nichole is the marketing and event specialist for FarmTek’s parent company ESAPCO where she manages and organizes all our trade shows, CEA Schools and events.  She is also the main blog contributor to our building division’s blog,  Nichole is an avid beer drinker and when we told her we wanted to write about growing hops, she jumped at the opportunity.  Today’s post is the conclusion to the original post (10/3/13), so sit back, relax and crack open a cold one while she continues explaining her father’s journey from beer drinker to hop grower… Read more

My Journey into the Land of Plenty- Literally!

Land of plantyToday’s blog post comes from our guest blogger, Nichole Kemp. Nichole is the marketing and event specialist for FarmTek’s parent company ESAPCO where she manages and organizes all our trade shows, open houses and workshops. She is also the brand manager for our building division, ClearSpan Fabric Structures, and the self titled “ClearSpan Brand Evangelist”. Last month Nichole had the opportunity to visit our Dyersville, IA manufacturing facility where she observed one of our fodder workshops. This is the tale of her travels and, as she likes to put it, her journey into the land of plenty! Read more

FarmTek Farmers get their Grow on in CT

At FarmTek, we pride ourselves on educating our staff with hands-on training, which means eventually everyone has to get some dirt under their fingernails! After successfully starting our seeds indoors this year, we moved them into the back lot of our Connecticut office. We’ve got jalapenos in raised beds, petunias in hanging baskets and eggplants in NFT channels growing abundantly. Take a look for yourself!

Young jalapeno plantBountiful jalapenos
Read more

Ultimate Guide to Growing Tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoesIf you are growing anything on your farm or in your garden, chances are it’s tomatoes. Tomatoes are the favorite child of the growing industry because of their versatility in the field and the kitchen. Growing the perfect tomato is often the ultimate goal of backyard gardeners and large growers alike. While it’s pretty simple to grow a couple decent beefsteaks, growing organic, Cherokee Purple tomatoes is a bit more complicated. Read more

Seed Starting Photo Tour – Part 1

Sam isn’t the only one who gets to have all the growing fun! At our Connecticut location, we are incorporating product training into a hands-on growing experience. Last year, we grew tomatoes in raised beds and dutch buckets, and the success we had gave us the confidence to expand our crop this year. We are growing flowers, including petunias and sunflowers, and veggies of course, including everything from jalapenos to potatoes to tomatoes this year. We are also experimenting with different types of growing. We will be growing hydroponically in NFT channels, in raised beds outside again, and inside the greenhouse.

The first seeds to get started were the petunias and jalapeno peppers. Let’s take a look at how we got started:

Standard cell inserts filled with Wonder Soil Read more