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2013 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions

Photo Contest Honorable Mentions
After receiving hundreds of submissions to our photo contest, we wanted to share with you some of our favorites. These photos may not have won a prize, but they still stood out and we felt that we needed to recognize them. We smiled, we laughed and we were awed by some of these great pictures and the stories we received with some of them. There are seven superlative categories and we selected a winner for each. These customers will each receive a dozen pair of our FarmTek Dot Grip Gloves! We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we did!
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And The Winners Are….Announcing Our 2013 Fall Photo Contest Winners!

Photo Contest Winners

It’s that time of year again! The photos came pouring in for our 2013 Fall Photo Contest and we’re here to announce the winners! As always, the quality and quantity of photos we received was large, but we were finally able to narrow it down to a top winner and runners-up. We loved seeing the submissions from our customers—from chickens and cows, to high tunnels and greenhouses, you all sent us some great photos and we love seeing our products in action. If you didn’t submit photos this time around, be sure to do so during our next photo contest. We’d love to see what you have to share! But for now, read on and see how our top finishers are using our products!

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Spotlight on the Hurleys and Their Small-Farm Fodder System

fodder channels

Mary Hurley lives on the farm she grew up on with her husband, Wayne.  She is the third generation to live on the farm, and moved back to help her dad and brother. Mary and Wayne recently bought their first milk cow and soon realized that feed costs were rising out of control.

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4 Reasons LEDs are the Best Option for Your Lighting Needs


There are so many types of lighting available today, it may be hard to keep track of what will work best for you. Luckily, the newest technology on the market, Light-Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, is the best and brightest option, no matter what your needs may be. Stop spending money on bulbs you will have to replace time and time again, and invest in light bulbs that will last.

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Photos are worth 1,000 words—or $500!

Feed Buckets

Do you love taking pictures as much as you love your FarmTek products? Well, it’s time to get inspired and take some great photos of your favorite FarmTek items in action because our 2013 Photo Contest starts June 18th! Since we love our loyal readers so much, we wanted to give you a couple days head start to find (or take) the perfect photo!

Get ready for your ten seconds of fame, because if you win, you’ll be featured on our website and this very blog. Anyone can enter and we’re looking for photos showcasing how you use our products, so get snapping.

The grand prize winner will receive a $500 FarmTek gift certificate and five lucky runners-up will each receive a $200 FarmTek gift certificate. How’s that for motivation?

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Hydrate Your Plants: A Guide to Irrigation Systems

High Tunnel IrrigationSpring will officially be here tomorrow so it seems fitting to discuss ways to make your work on the farm a bit easier this year. Growing your own fruits and vegetables can be extremely rewarding. It may not break the bank, but it might just break your back! Installing an irrigation system in your garden, fields or greenhouse now will help you to sit back, relax and watch your crops grow! Irrigation can be an easy and effective way to water your crops with minimal labor. From small sprinkler systems to elaborate drip tape systems, there are many irrigation options available for hobby growers and commercial growers alike. The three main types of irrigation systems we recommend for your greenhouse and gardening needs are drip tape systems, dripper systems and sprinkler systems.

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Picture Blog: A Little Help from FarmTek and a Bit of Ingenuity

Indoor PoolWhen a unique situation arises, what better to do than provide a unique solution? Ron S. built an addition to his home and wanted to put an indoor pool in the basement, but moisture control, safety and creating a thermal barrier were some of his concerns. He turned to FarmTek for help and here’s his experience:

Using Sunshine Clear Insulated Curtain material, FarmTek fabricated a cover to fit our 16’ by 36’ pool. The curtain was sewn together with double seams into one piece with pockets along all four sides. I built a PVC frame to stretch the cover and hooked it to an electric winch to lift the cover to the ceiling during pool use. I expect it to last more than 20 years. Read more

Spotlight on Greg & Lei Gunthorp and their Small-Scale Poultry Operation

As a small-scale poultry farmer, finding the products you need for the size of your operation is not always an easy task. Many products are expensive or only come in a large quantity. Greg and Lei Gunthorp were facing this issue when they needed a drinker system for their grass-raised chickens. After some research, they found exactly what they needed to keep their birds happy and hydrated, and they shared their story with Farm Show Magazine. Read more

3 Steps to Repair your Greenhouse or High Tunnel for Spring

Commercial GreenhouseHere comes spring! Sounds like good news, but the experienced grower knows it’s time to get down to business. The beauty of using a greenhouse or high tunnel is having control over the climate. With holes or damage to your structure, you lose that benefit. Now’s the time to make your post winter repairs and do some spring cleaning. So, let’s talk about greenhouse and high tunnel repair. Read more