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At FarmTek, we’re more than just a catalog. Since 1979, FarmTek has expanded from a regional, two-person operation to one with corporate headquarters and sales call center located in South Windsor, Connecticut and a manufacturing and distribution center located in Dyersville, Iowa. This growth has allowed us to become a one-stop shop for agricultural needs, serving more than 300,000 happy customers worldwide.

It is our mission to make your life easier by providing products and information that help simplify running your farm, business or home. To that end, we strive to provide the highest quality products at the most competitive prices and to communicate our knowledge through this blog, buyer’s guides, webinars and more.

Blog Administrator

Justin Dunham - Blog Administrator and Editor
Justin Dunham – Assistant Marketing Manager

As the Assistant Marketing Manager here, one of my many responsibilities is producing content for and managing our blog. I grew up in a small town in southwestern New Hampshire, where I spent my entire life until a move to Connecticut shortly after I graduated college. I attended Franklin Pierce University, where I earned my degree in Marketing, and I began working here at FarmTek in 2014.

My overall background in agriculture was rather limited before I joined the FarmTek team. However, working for a company with such a diverse product offering has really sparked my interest and expanded my industry knowledge. I’ve discovered that there are many ways that we here at FarmTek can help improve your farm, and I do my best to share that useful information in each blog that I write.

Blog Editors

Zack Hummel

Zack Hummel – Advertising & PR Specialist

As the Public Relations and Advertising Specialist here at FarmTek, I manage all of our advertising plans, as well as send out all company news and product releases to media outlets. Through staying abreast to industry trends, as it pertains to advertising, I’ve learned a great deal about the agricultural industry during my time here. After graduating from the University of Connecticut in 2014, I held a few other roles in Public Relations before finally joining FarmTek in April of 2015. In my free time I like to play basketball and soccer, hangout with friends and spend time at the beach in the summer.

Chris Machnich - Copy Writer

Chris Machnich – Copy Writer

As a copy writer here I’m responsible for writing much of the copy at FarmTek. Whether it’s for the catalog, here on the blog, in brochures, advertisements or anything in-between, you can find my work almost anywhere. I grew up in the Connecticut River Valley just up the road from a number of farms, and I’ve always appreciated nature and spending time outdoors. I’ve been with FarmTek since the beginning of 2014, and when I’m not in the office, you can find me fishing – especially once the lakes have frozen over – exploring the various trails here in Connecticut, playing hockey or reading.

Kelley Roche

Kelley Roche – Events & Communications Specialist

As the Events & Communications Specialist, my responsibilities include organizing the CEA Hands-On Workshops that are held at our CEA Learning Center East and planning the various trade shows we attend. I was born and raised in Holden, Massachusetts, a small town just north of Worcester. I graduated college in the spring of 2015 as a Communications major from Westfield State University, and I started working at FarmTek shortly after in late summer of 2015.

Prior to FarmTek, I held several positions within the farming and greenhouse industries, including stable hand and garden sales associate. Through previous employment, I gained valuable experience with general farming, haying and livestock management, including caring for goats, chickens, horses and the occasional stray dog. Growing up I lived a mere three miles from a riding academy and began taking lessons there at the age of five. By the age of fifteen I was able to get my first horse. Sienna is an insane thoroughbred mare that has turned out to be the best riding instructor I’ve ever had.


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