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Picture Blog: Wisconsin FFA Chapter Raises Pigs, Cows, and Calves

Today’s picture blog comes to you courtesy of FarmTek customer Lisa C. Lisa submitted these great photos for annual photo contest in 2011. She explained:

In late April of 2011, a couple of kids from the Ithaca, WI FFA chapter got together and cleaned up an old barn. They spent many nights and weekends working on this project. They had been planning and pricing supplies to find the best deals as they are on a very limited income, in fact as of thus far all of the monies have come from friends and/or relatives. They began pricing supplies for feeding and housing their animals, which include six pigs and, to date, sixty six calves and three milk cows.

After researching several farm product suppliers, we ordered ninety six feeding buckets and twenty three double bucket hanger/holders. Farm Tek offered the best deal pricewise and had a much better shipping price than a company here in Wisconsin. The items were ordered over the Memorial Day holiday online. One of the other companies was not available for orders over the holiday. The price was almost two dollars a calf cheaper than competitor’s price.

The items were delivered in a very timely manner. The delivery address was my home address, the driver called ahead for delivery confirmation and directions. I gave him directions directly to the barn where he delivered them. We did not have to load them up and haul them to the barn where they were to be used. These buckets and hangers are used every day. One of the bucket hangers was broken in the bottom of the box. I contacted Farm Tek and within 2 days had a new item.

Feeding Buckets & Double Bucket Hangers
Calf feeding pails
Calf feeding pails  1Feeding Buckets & Double Bucket Hangers 1
Members of Ithaca FFA group

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