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Farm Tales: Weaning Young Livestock


Summertime is busy for livestock owners, no matter if you run a larger commercial operation or small hobby farm. Between cutting and baling hay, to getting ready for show season and selling off animals for market or breeding purposes, the summer is no time to waste time! If you have any baby animals hanging around the farm, it may also be time to start thinking about weaning them off their mothers and having them eat solid food on a regular basis. Weaning is certainly a topic that is largely dominated by the opinion of whoever you ask, but there are some basics that can be applied to pretty much any animal you raise and need to wean.

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Abigail’s Fodder for Thought – All-Natural Seed Prep

Fodder system with HPS lighting

Does the idea of preparing your fodder seeds in bleach make you turn up your nose? Are you concerned with creating the perfect balance of hydrogen peroxide and water for best sanitization? Well, fear no more as these steps are not required! We have recently concluded our testing of seed preparation with basic aeration and boy, are we impressed with the results! By simply soaking seeds in clean water with an aerating ceramic stone for 12 to 24 hours you can skip the sanitizing solution all together. Not only are we seeing superior mold protection throughout the growing process but we are also prompting germination while still in the soaking stage. With expedited germination a greater root mass is developed during the seven-day growing cycle.

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Abigail’s Fodder for Thought – The Fodder Advantage for Dairy Operations

brown cow

Spring has sprung across (most) of the US, so I’m hoping you’re able to let your cows out to enjoy the fresh, green pasture. While of course I encourage my customers to use it while they have it, if recent years have taught us anything, we may not have it for long. With some of the funkiest weather I have ever experienced wreaking havoc on most of the country it is becoming more important to put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your operation. Queue the Fodder-Pro 2.0 Feed System. At the first sign of dwindling pasture you can crank up the system and have fresh, healthy feed in just seven short days.

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Goats 101 – The Facts on Feed

111628 Animals Goats 01

In today’s goat blog post, I will be addressing the common question that many people have asked me over the years: Goats eat anything, right?  Wrong!  If you read some of the very first goat blog posts a few months back, you’ll remember that I covered some common misconceptions about goats and this was one of the most frequently spread myths that people have about these funny barnyard critters. Feeding goats, or any animal for that matter, is something to take fairly seriously so you can be sure you are providing them with the best nutrition and care possible.

Like many farm animals, goats can serve many purposes. Milk production is probably the most common purpose for goats, followed by meat and fiber production. What you are raising goats for will determine what you feed them, how often and how much.

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Abigail’s Fodder for Thought: Turn it Green


With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, everyone is searching for the leprechaun to lead them to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Well put your leprechaun trackers away folks because now you can get the gold by going green!

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Abigail’s Fodder for Thought – Use What You’ve Got!

Pigs eating fodder

With the number of options on the market today, making the decision to purchase any product can be overwhelming. Do you get the Dodge with the Hemi or something built “Ford Tough?” For a new rod and reel, are you more apt to go to Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s? With over 30 years of business experience, FarmTek understands the vast market options available to the American agricultural community. This is why we operate with a “build to suit the customer” mentality with our Fodder-Pro 2.0 Feed Systems.

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