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Customer Spotlight – Fodder at Double J Farms

111628 Animals Dairy 06Challenge – Improve quality of milk in winter
Solution – Two FodderPro 3.0 Commercial Feed System
Application – Hydroponic fodder for dairy cow consumption

Sitting on 75 acres of Ohio farmland, Double J Farms has been owned by Joe Streit for over 30 years. The farm is mainly a dairy operation where they furnish raw milk to herd share owners, but the farm also raises some beef, as well as pigs and layer hens.

111628 Animals Dairy 05During the winter months Streit noticed a significant reduction in the quality of his milk. Streit said, “We feed almost no grain, so during winter the diet of the cows was all hay. During the winter months we noticed that the milk quality would plummet.” Streit needed a solution and sought out Growers Supply’s CEA Hands-On Workshop at Learning Center West in Dyersville, Iowa. After attending the workshop and spending over two years shopping for fodder systems, Streit decided on two FodderPro 3.0 Commercial Feed System from FarmTek. Streit said, “We decided on FarmTek’s fodder system because we thought FarmTek had a better handle on controlling mold. We met a couple who purchased a fodder unit from another company and it was a nightmare for them. They could not keep the mold under control and their cows ended up getting sick.”

Streit is enjoying the new fodder system. Double J Farms is growing only barley fodder and uses a Jay-Lor TMR mixer to blend one round bale of hay with 1,200 lbs. of fodder for feeding. Streit said, “The design of FarmTek’s fodder system is effective at preventing mold, plus the new barley spreader is great.” The results have been noticeable. Streit said, “The Jersey cows are producing more milk with better quality during the winter. We also fed fodder all this summer, and it helped extend our pasture season.”


Double J Farms has trusted FarmTek with all of their agricultural needs for over six years. Streit said, “Everything I got from FarmTek has worked perfectly and has operated as advertised.” He also recommends any new customers to attend the CEA Hands-On Workshop in order to get a better understanding of the company’s product offerings.

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