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Feeding Through Winter Part II: Feeding Fresh Daily

Fodder feeding in winterLast week we discussed some of the steps necessary to help you get the most out of your winter feed. From tips on how to analyze and select your feed, to the most economical ways to present the feed to your livestock, part one of our Feeding Through Winter blog was focused on surviving the winter on stored feed alone. However, for those looking for a more economical and reliable winter feed, a FodderPro Feed system can help alliviate the stress of winter feeding.

Using a fodder system in a controlled environment allows you to provide a fresh, daily feed that can meet the needs of any farm – no matter the scale. These systems are just as effective for the backyard hobbyist as they are for the commercial farmer. We can build a system for you that produces tons of fodder each day. For more on the construction of the FodderPro Feed Systems, visit our systems overview page.

FodderPro 2.0 Feed SystemsFodderPro 3.0 Feed System

The feed produced in a FodderPro Feed System is sprouted grain or grass seed that provides a rich nutrient profile, depending on what is grown. Growing a specific type of feed can allow you to address specific nutritional shortcomings in your stored feed. The fodder is fed whole, with sprouts, shoots, roots and seed hulls, which makes feeding easy, while also helping to limit wastage. Producing fresh fodder can improve the health and profitability of your animals and lead to a more sustainable and profitable farm.

Easy feedingFeeding Fodder

While the year-round benefits of a FodderPro Feed System are evident, it’s right about this time of year that farmers recognize the true blessing of owning a FodderPro. Instead of purchasing large sums of feed, investing in storage structures, struggling to properly store feed and dealing with the specter of a shortage, FodderPro owners rest assured that come the next morning they will have the freshest feed around.

For more information visit our website,

Fodder in winter

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