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FarmTek Announces Updates to FodderPro 3.0 Commercial Feed System

FodderPro 3.0 Feed System UpdateBecoming an industry leader in hydroponic fodder systems and agricultural products didn’t happen overnight. We value our customer feedback very highly, and our research and development team works hard to fine tune our systems on a regular basis. Our most recent product updates have taken place on our FodderPro 3.0 Commercial Feed Systems, and these updates have produced a more efficient fodder system that provides easier operation, maintenance and yields abundant growth.

“We continuously monitor what works best, and our customer feedback helps us immensely to provide much more efficient products,” stated Jon Kozlowski, one of our hydroponic fodder specialists. “We’ve recently seen positive results with better mold control and improved drainage thanks to our customer feedback and research.”

New Drainage SystemThese improvements are the result of a new channel design and drainage system. The improved channels provide even water flow throughout the entire channel, which we have found not only increases fodder yields, but also prevents stagnant water buildup, which helps to reduce the occurrence of mold. To assist in the prevention of mold, we have also simplified the drainage system, while also improving the manner in which excess water is removed from the system.

“The functionality of the improved design makes this system easier to assemble, easier to maintain and easier to clean,” added Kozlowski. “With our customers in mind, our goal is to make our product as user-friendly as possible in order for them to be successful.”

For more information on the FodderPro 3.0 Commercial Feed Systems and accessories available at FarmTek, please call 1.800.201.3414 to speak with a fodder specialist or visit

FodderPro Feed Systems: From seed to feed in just 7 days!

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