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Naturally manage barn temperature with barn curtain

Livestock housing The barn is an essential structure to maintaining a thriving business, and its efficiency can directly dictate the productivity of your farm. Due to this, farmers everywhere are constantly looking for ways to improve or update their barn. At FarmTek we know that many barns across the country can be improved by one simple addition that has number of long-term benefits. Installing barn curtains allows your barn to function at a higher level by cutting costs and, most importantly, creating an environment that is conducive to healthy livestock.

Benefits of Barn Curtains

Barn curtains are an easy improvement that can be made to just about any barn. Barns without curtains require you to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on energy costs, but barn curtains allow you to work with Mother Nature to properly ventilate, insulate and light your barn. Instead of investing in and running expensive HVAC systems, curtains enable you to open a section of your barn’s sidewalls to get fresh air circulating throughout the structure. Curtains also come in different colors and thicknesses, giving you control over the amount of light that is entering the building, which can create cost-effective daytime lighting. Using a lighter weight curtain that is either clear or lighter in color can almost eliminate your need for daytime lighting, while using a heavier curtain that is darker in color can help you achieve darkness during daylight. This allows you to control the photoperiod animals are exposed to, which can help improve production. Either way, you can achieve the environment that is ideal for your livestock, while limiting the affect on your wallet.

Barn curtain

Barn curtains create an environment that is safe and healthy for your animals, which, in turn, can mean more profitable livestock for you. Regular exposure to fresh air promotes the well-being and productivity of livestock, and the natural ventilation provided by a curtain system fights dust, gas, mold, moisture, airborne diseases and more. Properly ventilated barns have less occurrences of respiratory illness, especially in young animals, and clear or light-colored curtains let the sun shine in, increasing solar gain in the winter and reducing energy costs.

FarmTek: A One-Stop Shop for Barn Curtains

FarmTek is the leading manufacturer of barn curtains. In fact, we have curtains on every continent, with the exception of Antarctica. At FarmTek you’ll find everything you need. Whether it’s a system operated by hand or a fully-automated system that utilizes thermostatic controls to open and close the curtains, you’ll find all the parts and accessories that are necessary to maintain a fully functioning barn curtain system.

Clear barn curtainWhite barn curtain

When selecting a barn curtain system, the first step is to choose the curtain material. We have curtain materials for any barn requirement, and our National Account Managers can help you select a material that is ideal for you. Here are some of our most popular curtains and what they are generally used for:

  • PolyMax 5.2 oz. Clear Barn Curtain is a good, strong option for poultry houses, and its ability to withstand the cold makes it great for use in colder regions.
  • PolyMax Premium 6 oz. Curtain has been designed specifically to be used in broiler houses. It comes in black/white and black/silver, which allows you to maintain a dark environment, even during the day.
  • PolyMax 7.5 oz. Super Premium Curtain works particularly well for hog and dairy housing, and since it comes in white, clear or silver/white, it can help limit lighting costs.
  • PolyMax Ultra Blackout Barn Curtain allows you to obtain total darkness and is a good option for breeder houses. It is made up of two layer of 6 oz. material, and comes in black/black or black/black/white.
  • VinylTek 16 oz. Super Clear Curtain is a good option for those looking to let in plenty of natural light. It comes in clear, white and super clear. The super-clear option allows the maximum amount of light into your barn, so we suggest this to those that are looking to reduce energy costs.
  • VinylTek 22 oz. PVC-Coated Vinyl Curtain is our finest and most durable curtain. The flame-resistant, woven vinyl is able to withstand temperatures between the -22°F and 158°F.

This is just a basic outline of the types of curtain material we offer and their applications. We have a number of other curtains with varying thicknesses, colors and insulation. For information on the rest of our curtains visit our website.

When sizing your curtain, it is important to factor in how the necessary hems on the curtain will affect the curtain length. The curtains come with a small hem that can be used with a 0.922” OD swaged pipe, but we also offer medium and large hems. A medium hem can accommodate up to a 1.66” OD pipe, while the large hem can accommodate a 1.90” OD pipe. Use the table below to ensure that you size your curtain properly:

Important guidelines for measuring your curtain

Roll up barn curtainNext, you’ll have to determine which type of system is best for you. We offer Drop-Down, Roll-Up and Premium Barn Curtain Systems. Drop-Down Systems are commonly used in calf and poultry barns, lambing sheds and greenhouses. A drop-down curtain is ideal for young or sensitive animals, because it doesn’t expose them to unsettling drafts. Instead, air is let in from the top by dropping the curtain from the ceiling. This allows the outside air to mix with the pre-existing, warmer air near the ceiling, which provides the building with ventilation that doesn’t present a drastic or shocking change in the environment.

A Roll-Up Barn System is the fastest way to get large amounts of fresh air into your barn. They are commonly used in freestall and pack barns, high tunnels and greenhouses. Roll-up curtains roll up from the ground, as opposed to being dropped from the ceiling, and this provides a quick influx of air that can quickly cool temperatures and refresh stale air.

glider curtain systemOur Premium Barn Curtain Systems are recommended for curtains that are more than 6’ high or 100’ long, and they can be fully automated. These systems are by far the most convenient option, because instead of dropping down or rolling up curtains by hand, it can be done with the simple flip of a switch. Thermostatic controls can also be installed, and this will signal the curtain to open or close when pre-set temperatures are reached. The Premium Barn Curtain Systems can come in drop-down, roll-up or glider curtains. A Premium Glider Curtain System allows you to either drop-down or roll-up the curtains on your barn, so this system is ideal for livestock in any region and at any time of year.

Barn curtains are an easy way to improve the environment and functionality of your barn. They can help to lower your operating costs by saving you money on energy and allow you to create a beneficial environment for your livestock. Using a fully-automated Premium Barn Curtain System is also a convenient way to make sure that your barn is at the ideal temperature and properly ventilated at all times.

Barn curtain


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