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New Spring Products at FarmTek

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With a new catalog hitting homes shortly, we thought now would be a good time to give a teaser of our new product offerings. We are always looking to add new products that match our customer’s needs, and our most recent product additions will not disappoint. If you are not already a member of our mailing list, sign up today to receive our catalog with the full listing of all our 30,000 plus items.

For Your Farm, Home or Shop

Sturdy, safe and affordable buildings that can be installed quickly and are guaranteed to last are hard to come by, especially during these economic times. However, our newly offered PermaTherm Insulated Metal Buildings meet these requirements and then some. The high-performance architectural insulating panels allow for a rapid installation time, require little overall maintenance, give reliable climate control and offer sustained energy savings. The expanded panels, designed with a highly insulating polystyrene core and laminated with 26-gauge galvanized steel, can be customized to meet any application, including fire resistance and extreme-temperature conditions. Our lightweight, yet strong, insulated metal panels make these buildings an ideal choice for agricultural, greenhouse, hydroponic and fodder system applications.34W Outdoor Wall Mount LED

If you are looking for lighting that is bright but isn’t overly intense, our new 34W Outdoor Wall Mount LED Fixture is the perfect solution. The black, powder-coated finish and die-cast aluminum housing protects the 34W bulb, which is encased behind a layer of tempered glass. With a minimum life of 50,000 hours, this light fixture provides adequate lighting without blocking out that beautiful country night sky.

Is clutter making it hard to move around your shed, barn or garage? If so, our new Tool Rack will allow you to once again move about your storage area in peace. These easy-to-install racks are designed to keep shovels, brooms, rakes and other tools off the floor. The heavy-duty construction provides durability and also allows for the rack to hold tools of any weight.

For Your Livestock

The most compact fodder system from FarmTek yet, the GT80 Hydroponic Fodder System is designed to provide maximized growth within a compact area.GT80 Hydroponic Fodder System This state-of-the-art system allows you to lower feed costs while optimizing the general health and performance of your livestock. Operating on a 7-day cycle, the system allows you to produce up to 13 lbs. of nutrient-rich fodder daily for just pennies a pound. Featuring a nutrient film technique watering regimen, the need for overhead watering is eliminated. This greatly reduces water consumption and humidity levels, lowering the presence of fungus and mold. The single-layer of eight, 30” UV-stabilized, NSF-quality PVC channels are supported by galvanized steel framing. Taking up only 7’ in total length, the GT80 series is ideal for small farms and those looking to produce fodder in tight spaces.

If you are looking to grow fodder on the commercial level, the FodderPro 3.0 Commercial Feed Module is for you. Capable of producing 375 lbs. of fodder per day, this large scale system is ideal for large livestock operations, equine boarding facilities and more. Each module is 7’3”H x 6’W x 9’9”L and provides a high-quality, nutritional product on a large scale.

Too accompany our new commercial fodder system, we added some new accessories to make growing a breeze. Our newly Scrub Brushdeveloped FodderPro 3.0 Seed Spreader and Scrub Brush are designed to ensure that you get the most out of your seed. Our Seed Spreader allows for easy, even distribution of seed throughout the FodderPro 3.0 channels, ensuring proper water flow and optimal germination. Our Scrub Brush makes cleaning and sanitizing your FodderPro 3.0 Feed System a simple task. Clean, sanitary channels are necessary for producing fodder, and our Scrub Brush can help ensure that no seed is wasted due to mold from unsanitary channels.

We have also made some updates to many of our livestock feeders. Our new Little Giant 26-quart Corner Feeder is 2 quarts larger than ever before! Made of high-impact polyethylene plastic, this corner feeder is perfect for horses, sheep, goats and more, and it can stand up to tough farm use. Our 9-quart Foal Feeder bucket has also undergone some positive changes. We now produce our Foal Feeder with 4 rails instead of 2. This gives added assurance that larger horses will not eat the food intended for young foal, ensuring the proper nutrition for your growing livestock. We have also updated our 9-quart Hookover Feeder, which is excellent for feeding goats, sheep, alpacas and llamas. The galvanized steel grid of the Hookover Feeder forms six feeding slots to keep your livestock from pushing one another out. This unique grid also adds strength to the feeder and the reinforced hooks provide extra support on the ends.9-quart hookover feeder

For Your Crops

The Grow-Tek GT70 Commercial NFT Systems provide maximum growth year-round. Perfect if you are interested in growing lettuce, peppers, strawberries, beans and more, the GT70 Commercial System is NSF-Certified, built to last and made from recycled plastics. The nutrient supply system allows you to grow the healthiest plants without being reliant on the ever changing and unpredictable weather. Our commercial hydroponic growing system is great for both budding commercial vegetable growers and experienced producers.

The GT50 and GT70 Vertical Lettuce & Herb Systems provide fresh, hydroponically grown produce in even the smallest space. Allowing for vertical growth, our four-tier systems provide year-round, Vertical Lettuce & Herb Systemhigh-quality produce while only requiring 42 sq. ft. of space. The GT50 system features twenty-four channels and a six-week growing cycle. This system is capable of producing 4,680 heads of lettuce per year, with a harvest of 90 heads weekly. The GT70 system features twenty channels and is able to produce 2,860 heads per year, with a harvest of 55 heads per week. Both systems feature a nutrient film technique watering regimen. The systems come with a 115-gallon reservoir tank, and are just 7’ tall. The four tiers of 10’ long, UV-stabilized, NSF-certified PVC channels are supported by galvanized steel framing. Perfect for new growers, hobby growers and commercial growers, the GT50 and GT70 Vertical Lettuce and Herb Systems provide fresh heads of hydroponic lettuce every week, even when space is limited.

Interested in any of the products mentioned or just want to learn more? Visit our website, or feel free to give us a call at 800-FARMTEK (800-327-6835).

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