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Frequently Asked Questions 2.0 – The FodderPro Feed System (part 1)

FodderPro Feed SystemsWith the growing interest (no pun intended) in hydroponic fodder, more and more customers are calling in to ask questions about our FodderPro Feed Systems. We’ve also found that our previously published “Frequently Asked Questions – The FodderPro Feed System” blog has been one of the most frequently visited posts we have ever produced. So in order to further help you, our valued customer, get the information you are seeking, we have produced not one, but two more, information packed Frequently Asked Questions blogs. These blogs should help answer any of the burning questions you may have, but if they don’t, be sure to check out our first edition FAQ blog, which will help you uncover even more information about our FodderPro Feed Systems.

 Our Most Commonly Asked Questions:

 1. What makes FodderPro Feed Systems different?

FodderPro Feed Systems have been developed over many years of research and development and are available in many different sizes and feed outputs. They are designed to produce healthy, fresh feed in the most safe and efficient method possible and can be custom designed to fit the needs of any operation. Our systems are constructed of the highest quality, food-grade materials and come with detailed assembly and operation manuals. FarmTek supports their customers even after purchase with technical support as well as with research and knowledge about the latest information about growing fodder.

2. Why buy a FodderPro Feed System?

Buying a FodderPro Feed System puts you in control of the quality and availability of feed for your farm. Growing your own feed with a FodderPro Feed System will save you money and improve the health and performance of your animals. Commercial Fodder SystemFarmTek offers you more than 35 years of experience in agriculture, we are farmers and we support our customers. We design, engineer and build these systems, and continuously research growing fodder with our own systems. We offer you everything you need to start growing fodder on your farm, including flexible payment terms, design services and training.

3. Do you offer training?

Yes. FarmTek is passionate about your success. We offer our Controlled Environment Agriculture School every month at Technology Center East, in South Windsor, CT or at Technology Center West, in Dyersville, IA. If you purchase a FodderPro Feed System or any of our controlled environment agriculture systems, our CEA School is free of charge. Alternatively, if you want to attend the school first, the cost is discounted from the system you purchase. We also offer webinars and informational videos, and technical support for both system assembly and growing.CEA School at Technology Center East

4. Do I need a controlled environment greenhouse?

A controlled environment is essential for growing fodder safely and effectively, but a greenhouse does not offer the most efficient environment for growing fodder. Fodder can be grown in any insulated structure, from a barn or outbuilding to a garage or basement as long as the proper environmental controls are in place. We offer insulated building packages or we can retrofit an existing structure to make it suitable for growing fodder.

5. What type of fodder should I grow?

Barley FodderThe five most popular types of fodder are barley, wheat, oats, rye and triticale. They are well-balanced nutritionally, and cost effective. Seed mixes are also common. Sunflower and field peas are some of the most common supplements. When it comes to what type of fodder is right for your farm, it depends on what is available or cost effective to ship to your area, what type of animal you are feeding, their purpose, stage of life and current diet. We offer feed and forage reports for many different types of fodder and fodder mixes to help you decide on the best ration.

Be sure to check back in next week for our second edition of Frequently Asked Questions about our FodderPro Feed Systems. We thoroughly cover all the bases in part two of this blog, so you won’t want to miss it. Until then, if you simply must find out more information, feel free to check out our website, or you can give one of our fodder specialists a call at 1-800-201-3414.Dairy Cows Enjoy Fodder 


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