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A Haunting on the Farm – Tales of Some “Not-So-Living” Farmers

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Halloween is a great time to share ghost stories, visit haunted locations (whether fake or real) or dress up like a monster, villain or something totally ethereal. Just like those of you who work on the farm, the spirits who haunt the farms we are about to share with you, work every day of the year. Get ready for some spine tingly, hair-raising tales of how normal farms became inhabited by the undead. Happy Halloween!

Amery Poor Farm Amery, WI

The story of this first farm focuses on cattle thieves. A young, innocent little boy who lived in the Amery Poor House on this farm watched as some cattle thieves took the family’s livestock without permission. The thieves knew the little boy had caught them in the act and stabbed them to death. Some say that the ghost of this little victim haunts the house on the farm to this day.

During renovations, the owner of the house saw a little boy in the window. Who could this little boy be since there were no children living in the home at this time? Don’t try to visit this farm to see for yourself. It is under constant surveillance and trespassing is not permitted.

old farm house

Farm House Murders Bellfonte, AR

This tale reminds us why gambling doesn’t always have the greatest outcomes! Many years ago, a father lost his whole farm on a bet. Being very upset about the day’s events, he went home and murdered his wife and son with an axe. He served his time in jail, but didn’t feel that punishment was enough after he was released. To add on to his time in prison, the man barred up his windows. Now, visitors say that if they look through the bars, they can see the wife and child sitting on the living room floor!

Tobacco Farmer Murder Simsbury, CT

This one hits a bit too close to home for our marketing department. Simsbury is just around the corner from our corporate office! In Connecticut, we have a lot of tobacco farms and this story centers around a murdered tobacco farmer. The tobacco farmer is said to be have smoking a cigar at his house when a disgruntled employee came by and murdered him. Dead or alive, the tobacco farmer wasn’t ready to give up his home! Today, he hangs out inside the house, moving things around and turning on the shower. Sometimes, he even relives his childhood by taking a jaunt on the swing set.

tobacco farm

Family Barn Murders Mishawaka, IN

This barn in Indiana was once home to a family of seven who met an unfortunate fate. One terrible night, six of the family members were shot to death with a gun. The seventh member hid in a closet, but died there any way. This family still haunts the barn – in the exact locations of their murders! From windows to closets to doorways, you aren’t safe anywhere! If you enter the barn, prepare to hear screams of children! That isn’t all – the third step of the stairway has been broken for years. No attempt to fix it has ever worked.

Old Farmhouse Smyrna, TN

The old farmhouse nestled in rural Tennessee was home to a doctor and his wife. When his wife became ill, the doctor promised to take care of her as best he could. Tragically, he couldn’t save her. Not prepared to live without her, the doctor hung himself in the house. If you are lucky (or maybe unlucky) enough, you may just see the doctor, donning his white lab coat, wandering around the farm at night.


New England Club Anderson, OH

Now home to the New England Club, an old farmhouse used to stand on this haunted piece of property. A stunning young woman lived in the house, awaiting her marriage. Little did she know, her fiancée would be the death of her before they were wed. He stood her up at the altar on their wedding day, leaving her in despair. Feeling as though as though she couldn’t go on, the young woman hung herself in her farmhouse bedroom that day. Ironically, the dress she was supposed to start her new life in was the dress she chose to end her days in. One of the friendly ghosts on this list, she visits with members of the New England Club today.

Well, I am shaking in my boots just writing this blog post, but I hope you thrill seekers have a good time reading it on All Hallows Eve! However you choose to spend this holiday, we hope you have fun and be safe! If you happen to see any ghosts tonight, stop by tomorrow and share your story.

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