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Tales from the Fodder Trails – Kat Takes on the Hebron Harvest Fair

fodder trailer hebron fair

If there is one thing all year that I get excited about, it’s the county fair. Last weekend, I had the pleasure of representing FarmTek’s Fodder Trailer at the Hebron Harvest Fair. There are so many things that I love about the fair—the rides, games, fried dough, tractor pulls and horse shows. So naturally, when I was asked to go and exhibit our fodder trailer, I jumped at the chance! Saturday and Sunday where perfect days for the fair— a bit cool in the morning and in the afternoon it warmed up and was very sunny.

fodder trailer growth hebron fair

I spent the day, along with another co-worker, explaining the benefits of fodder to anyone who stopped by our booth. Most people didn’t know what fodder is and were very interested to learn the benefits for their livestock. There was one dairy farmer who had never seen or heard anything about fodder. He was amazed that you can grow your own feed in seven days. He was also very impressed with the quality of feed and knew that it would bring wonderful benefits to his herd. Another woman with three horses told me she was paying over $10 for a bale of hay! We had a lengthy discussion about the breakdown of fodder costs and how much it would decrease her feed bill. She loved the idea!

fodder trailer table

There was also a lot of interest in the hydroponic lettuce and microgreens we had growing in some of the NFT channels next to the fodder. People were amazed that the lettuce was thriving in what appeared to be just water. After a little explaining, they understood that plants don’t actually need soil to grow and that the water was mixed with a nutrient solution. They were even more amazed when we told them that they had probably already tried hydroponic lettuce from the grocery store or a restaurant without even knowing. Many people wanted to know what else they could grow with hydroponics and how they could get started using hydroponics in their homes.

cow eating fodder

After several conversations about fodder, hydroponics and the future of farming, I took a short break to grab some food and watch a few of the festivities. I usually eat a very healthy diet, but as soon as I saw the fried dough stand I knew I had to have a piece! I was good and only had half of it but felt satisfied that I had my yearly fried dough fix at the fair. I watched the tractor pull and water dog jump before heading back to close up the booth for the evening. We had about four pieces of fodder that needed to be thrown away and, luckily, we were stationed right next to the dairy barn. I’m sure you can guess what I did with the fodder. As you can see from the pictures, the cows loved it! I think the Hebron Harvest Fair was a success. I felt like we educated many people about what fodder is and its benefits.

cattle eating fodder

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