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2013 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions

Photo Contest Honorable Mentions
After receiving hundreds of submissions to our photo contest, we wanted to share with you some of our favorites. These photos may not have won a prize, but they still stood out and we felt that we needed to recognize them. We smiled, we laughed and we were awed by some of these great pictures and the stories we received with some of them. There are seven superlative categories and we selected a winner for each. These customers will each receive a dozen pair of our FarmTek Dot Grip Gloves! We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we did!

Beautiful Farm

Leo Hardy
Rainbow over a FarmFarm at Sunset


Joel Barton Jr.
Cute Toddler and Baby Goat


Edie Dopking
“Here is a photo of on of our staff members at Quantum Leap Farm, Equine Therapies, Mary, and therapy horse, Ponce – having a little fun out in the pasture.”
Therapy Horse

Great Application

Jack Berry
Product – WeatherShield Giant Commercial Canopy
“Berry Wedding on the farm with a 24′ by 40′ FarmTek® WeatherShield Giant Commercial Canopy adjacent to the 1850s barn.”
Canopy Wedding

Great Story

Diane McClellan
Product – Dyno Extreme Duty EVA Mats
“Although you really can’t see the product in the photo, you do see a rather large warmblood named Magnum who just came in from night turnout. He now comes into the barn to rest in his stall on his new Dyno Extreme Duty EVA Mats that I purchased him from FarmTek earlier this year. Magnum aka “Mags” is the “lead” gelding in the barn. He NEVER lays down. He is the horse that remains alert and standing to guard his herd…that is until his new, comfortable mats arrived. Now he tells Miss Frojke, the Friesian in the next stall, (who is looking at him rather jealously I might add, because she doesn’t have a comfy “mattress” in her stall!) to take over watch because he now has a comfy stall to sleep in! He really is so happy with this product as you can see – they didn’t even have time to remove his fly sheet before he “crashed” on his new mats! A great investment and to see him rest in his stall…priceless, and worth every penny I paid to see him relaxing and in comfort!”
Stall Mats

Most Artistic

Bryan Kukuzke
“Our older BCM rooster at sunset in Michigan.”
Farm Rooster


Edie Dopking
“This photo is one of our Wounded Warriors, Josh, and therapy horse, Tampa Bay, enjoying a therapeutic relationship.”
Wounded Warrior and Horse

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