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Tales from the Fodder Trails…Keith Takes on Pennsylvania

Fodder trailer at trade show

Today’s Fodder Tales is brought to you by Keith Marzi, one of our top fodder sales representatives. Enjoy!

Tale 1: Penn State’s Ag Progress – August 13-15, Pennsylvania Furnace, PA

On the road to PA

Pennsylvania may be one of the nicest states to drive through.  Everywhere you look for miles and miles is beautiful.  Ken and I hit the open road together for this trip.  Many of you may already know Ken.  If you ever went on our website and clicked Live Help to chat with a representative, there is a good chance you talked to him!  Ken was not only a ton of help on the road and at the show, but also is a great photographer.  No photo credits to me!

Driving in fodder trailer

The show was a blast. To say the least, we were very busy.  Ken and I took questions from all different types of farmers in PA.  We sized out small farms for Micro Systems, large farms for our new Fodder-Pro 3.0 Commercial Feed Systems, and everything in between.  Whether a farmer had two horses, 50 sheep, 700 dairy cows or 60,000 hogs, we have a system for everyone.

Penn State's Ag Progress Days

With the vast amount of people at this show, we got to answer questions outside the fodder world, as well.  Pennsylvania people must love their salads!  We underestimated how many people would be interested in learning about our hydroponic lettuce systems.  In fact, we ran out of catalogs at one point! The lettuce did look quite tasty and it is so easy to grow!  Special thanks to Sam Shroyer, our Greenhouse Specialist, for his help!

Customers at fodder trailer Fresh lettuce and fodder

Tale 2: Site Visit at Covert Valley Alpaca Farm – August 16, New Castle, PA

As soon as we released our mobile fodder trailer to the public, we started getting requests for site visits.  Valerie and Joe Davis of Covert Valley Alpaca were the first!  Since we were in already in Pennsylvania for the Ag Progress Days, we couldn’t think of a better farm for our first site visit.   All gatherings should start with food!  This couldn’t be easier since our trailer is outfitted with a fodder “chef” and kitchen.

Talking with customers

After a nice fodder buffet for the alpacas, we got to talk fodder into the night.  Joe and Valerie invited over some other farmers who had heard about fodder but wanted to see how it works in person.

Feeding alpacas fodder

Ken and I both agree that trade shows are terrific, but there is something to be said about farm visits.  It gives the customer an opportunity to ask questions in the comfort of their own farm, and it gives us a chance to give them extra attention.  Joe was able to show me the room where he plans on putting his fodder system, and I was able to take a look around and make recommendations.  Site visits truly are a win-win.

Alpacas eating fodder

Help us spread the word!  We’re looking for more farms across the country to visit with the fodder trailer.  Please contact us so we can talk about what we require from your venue to make a site visit.  Get hands on experience with a fodder system and make your animals happy!


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