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Tales From the Fodder Trails…Sam Takes on Wisconsin!

FarmTek Fodder Trailer

Here at FarmTek, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of controlled environmental agriculture. But, the million-dollar question remained: can we control the environment of a trailer while DRIVING over 1,200 miles? The answer: a resounding yes! That’s not to say we recommend it! We now know it can be done. Three days before departing, I soaked the seeds. Two days before leaving I put the seeds into the channels right in the trailer. Practicing what we preach, we kept the air moving and cool—usually around 68 degrees with a relative humidity around 60%. We had a timer that watered the channels two minutes every two hours. The day had come to finally get on the road. Bright and early, we left our corporate office in South Windsor, CT. All was going according to plan…until we got to Ohio!

Fodder Truck and Trailer

One of my favorite parts of the ride was the pit stops – and not just because it meant a break from driving. People acted like they have never seen barley grass growing in a trailer before! Okay, maybe they haven’t. We often had people giving us quizzical looks and some brave folks came up to ask what the heck we were doing. In time, I’m sure we will be as normal on the road as anyone else…okay maybe not, but that’s fine with me! A couple years from now people will just say “Oh look, its “Fodder Sam” driving around!” Don’t be shy, I’ll wave back!

Growing Fodder in Trailer

I have to say I was surprised at how well the fodder kept on the road. People wouldn’t stop commenting at how lush and green it was. I think it gave people all the more confidence that they could do it for their animals. Seeing is believing sometimes when it comes to new technology. Which is exactly why we came up with this mobile trailer idea to begin with!

By the time we were set to start the show, we had lush, fresh and green fodder! The fodder we grew, as well as the fodder and lettuce mailed to us from Iowa, turned out great! It could not be done without everyone’s help and effort.

This was not only the fodder trailer’s first trip, but mine as well! Despite our challenges, we had a terrific time at the show. I thoroughly enjoyed finally getting to meet and speak with customers in person about how fodder can help them. It truly impressed me how fast word is spreading about feeding fodder as a corn and pellet replacement. Some folks just had a few questions. Others knew all about it and were excited to see it for themselves. We were especially delighted when our current customers stopped by to share how much they love their Fodder-Pro Feed Systems.

Llama eating fodder

This is only the beginning! We are rapidly working to book at least one to two shows a month just for our fodder trailer. I’ll make sure to keep everyone updated along the way. For now, you can look forward to my next Tales from the Fodder Trails at the end of August when I take on Pennsylvania!

Many of you have already read Abigail’s blog post about this trip. If there is one thing we all agree on, you can never have too many llama pictures!

By the way, our mobile trailer website is officially public! Of course we will still be attending trade shows all around the country, but we are also open to a variety of other venues to do demonstrations. You can give me a call or shoot me an e-mail directly to chat about a possible site visit from the fodder trailer. My contact info is below:

1.800.327.6835 X 1647

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