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Alpaca Lunch – A Fodder Lunch, That Is!


Alpaca have quickly become a popular choice for those interested in raising livestock that can produce a high-quality and highly desired product. Raised primarily for their fiber, also called fleece, alpaca is one of the best and most desired fibers because of its light-weight, but extremely warm and durable qualities. Alpaca fleece is popular among those who do not like wool, because an alpaca’s fiber is much softer and can be less “itchy” than wool.

alpaca eating fodder

Native to South America and part of the same family as camels and llamas, alpaca are an ideal option for many smaller hobby farmers because of their easy-keeping nature and smaller size.  An average alpaca stands about 35” at the withers, with males weighing between 120 and 200 pounds, and females at about 95 to 175 pounds. Baby alpaca are called cria and they can range from 12 to 24 pounds. An alpaca is generally sheared once a year, usually in the spring, which helps them keep cool in the warmer summer months and gives their fleece time to grow in for the fall and winter months.


While an alpaca is not a “true” ruminant, they do chew their cud, similarly to ruminants such as cows and goats. Similarly to most all barnyard animals, though, alpaca must have the nutrition and food to support their healthy digestive system, as well as maintain the level of health needed to produce high-quality fiber.

Alpaca owners have discovered that feeding hydroponic fodder is a great supplemental feed source that many times, can replace up to half of an alpaca’s normal feed regimen. Fodder is a live, green, healthy feed source that has been shown to provide great benefits for alpacas. Along with increased energy levels, better temperaments and a boosted immune system, alpaca owners see a great improvement in fiber quality as well!

fodder for alpacas

Many of our fodder customers explain that after starting their alpaca on fodder sprouts, their animals’ fiber appears very healthy—long, thick and shiny—everything an alpaca farmer wants to see in their animals! In addition to healthy fleece quality, the animals are healthy, energetic and the alpaca just plain love the green sprouts! This is great news for alpaca owners who sell their animals’ fleece, because high-quality alpaca fleece is very desired among knitters and other fiber users.

So if you have alpaca, it may be a great idea to check out what this great feed source can do for them, and ultimately, you!

Stop by to learn more about this up-and-coming alpaca feed. 

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