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Hay isn’t just for horses—Spotlight on Crescent Duck Farm

Hay isn't just for horsesHay season is upon us and it isn’t just for horses. The fact that hay and straw have so many purposes around the farm usually means that they are needed in abundance. So how do farmers keep a large inventory of hay bales, but keep them safely stored and out of the elements?

Hay storageThe problem is many don’t have the room or the man power to store their hay indoors and away from pests. Luckily, FarmTek offers a wide array of hay tarps, hay bags and hay storage buildings to meet all of your agricultural storage needs. Storing your hay supply in dry, well-ventilated conditions means that you’ll save yourself money by not having to contend with hay loss as a result of moisture and inclement weather conditions.

Capture.hay.balePNGRound Hay Bale Covers
These are probably the least labor-intensive option we offer. They come in weights ranging from 7.5 oz. to 12.5 oz. and can be easily tied down. Basically once the hay is baled you place them randomly throughout the field and cover them. This way they stay covered throughout the winter protecting them until they’re needed. It reduces waste from livestock eating a little from one bale and moving on to the next without finishing the first. Once one bale is consumed, just remove the cover off the next. Round Hay Bale Covers also promote rotational grazing which aids in fertilizing your fields.

Hay blanketBale blankets and bags
Bale blankets and bags are a step up from the bale covers in regards to accommodating multiple hay bales. Offered in 7.5 oz. 16 mil thick silver/white fabric, these products are an economical option for keeping your bales dry and fresh. They can be used year after year saving you money in the long run and will last even longer if used in conjunction with the tie-down securing method. Simply line the blanket in the center of your row and weave the UV-resistant, high-strength curtain cord over the blanket and secure with corkscrew anchors. Your hay will remain fresh and be protected against harsh weather.

Hay tarpHay Tarps
With our hay storage tarps your hay will look as good as the day it was brought in from the field. Exposed hay is subject to 10 to 25% loss due to weathering. Retain 100% profitability and nutrient value by keeping your hay under wraps! FarmTek offers a variety of hay storage tarps in assorted colors and weights to suit your unique hay storage needs.

Hay storageClearSpan™ Hercules Truss Arch Buildings
In our opinion our ClearSpan™ Hercules Truss Arch Buildings make the best storage option for hay bales and straw. Not only will profits increase by protecting hay from spoilage, weather damage and rodents, but the abundant natural light that filters through their fabric covers will eliminate mold, bacteria and condensation, too.

The buildings’ design promotes natural ventilation that helps remove dust and excess heat and moisture, also extending the lifespan of the hay and keeping it safe for animals. ClearSpan’s building design is just that a clear span of space with no internal columns or support posts. This means that maximum usable space is available as well as exceptional height and clearances. Due to the efficient layout, equipment and hay can be stored under the same roof and mechanical handling will be a breeze due to the ease of building access. These factors will definitely reduce hours from the hay baling process.

CS Crescent Duckling01A customer of ours experienced firsthand the benefits of choosing a ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Building to solve his lack of surplus straw storage on his duck farm. Below is a spotlight on his operation and how his duck farm is benefiting from their new storage facility…

When Blake Corwin, owner of Crescent Duck Farm in Aquebogue, NY, needed a new option for housing the straw he uses for his commercial-scale duck farm, he turned to ClearSpan Fabric Structures for a fast, economical and no-hassle solution.

As one of the largest and last duck farms existing on Long Island, Corwin raises, harvests and transports ducks to many of the best markets in the Northeast. When faced with the need to store straw for his farm, Corwin wanted to find the best choice for his operation. “When straw comes, it comes and it comes heavy! When farmers are Crescent Duck Farmready to harvest it, they need to get it out of the fields and to the customer,” Corwin explains. In order to store as much straw as possible, Corwin decided to replace his 30’W x 60’L concrete and wood barn with a 65’W x 140’L Hercules Truss Arch Building. “We used the original building predominantly for straw storage,” Corwin states. “We decided that since we had the space to fit a larger building, we would just go with it!”

Crescent Duck FarmSince the purchase of his fabric structure, Corwin says there’s no turning back. He has unlimited access to the straw that is housed under the cover, as well as equipment storage and work space. “Odds and ends that I used to have to keep outside are now under the building, readily available and not all over the place,” Corwin explains. In addition to the storage benefits of his building, Corwin loves the natural light that the cover of his building provides. “Working on repairs or equipment outside in the bright sun is not always the best choice, but the amount of light that comes through the building is perfect for being able to comfortably work on projects,” Corwin says.

Crescent Duck FarmThe economical benefits that Corwin has seen from his building have only added to his overall satisfaction. The cost of running his original barn, he estimates, is twice as much as what it costs him to run and upkeep his fabric structure. Not only is the cost of running the building less, but Corwin was pleased with the quick installation timeline for his building. “The crew came in on a Tuesday and by Friday, they were on their merry way!” Corwin explains.

In the end, Corwin is very pleased with his building. “The overall experience with ClearSpan was very enjoyable,” he states. “We just love the sheer size of it, and the ease of repair is just great.”

Crescent Duck FarmIt’s nice to hear that our building is everything Blake had hoped it would, be plus some. We’re happy to know that we offer a variety of hay storage options. Everything from one bale covers all the way to engineered structures. Our motto is that no two needs are the same, so we strive to offer a solution for everyone.

What is your favorite hay storage option?

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