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Photo Blog: A Picture Perfect Oregon Wedding

Wedding Canopy 1

Today’s photo blog comes to us from Woody and Jill Sine, who did some careful planning to give their daughter her dream wedding. We enjoyed their story so much we decided to share it with you.

Weather conditions make an outdoor wedding quite unpredictable in Oregon.  So when our daughter announced her date, August 2nd, and her chosen location, a nursery, we knew steps had to be taken to prepare for unknown weather conditions.  Thus, we purchased a 20’ wide by 40’long canopy from FarmTek to protect against rain or extreme heat.  This purchase was made with some protest and reservation from the anxious bride who did not feel a simple “white canopy” would fit her wedding décor.  So the task of altering its appearance became essential.

Wedding canopy 2

 The search for the fabric that matched the color of the canopy began.  Finding a fabric store that had a large enough supply of the chosen fabric also proved challenging.  Once bought, the sewing machine was used to create the folds of fabric that could be draped and looped around the front and back ends of the canopy. The fabric was connected by using eight inch snugger tie downs to secure it to the tubing of the canopy.  Four black lace ties that matched the table coverings secured the flow of the fabric flowing down each side. 

Wedding canopy 3

 The end product was beautiful as these pictures prove.  Approval was obtained from our doubting daughter.  Appreciation was expressed by the wedding guests who found shelter from the hot sun of that day. Your canopy and yards and yards of fabric helped make for a beautiful source of shade suitable for a beautiful garden wedding.

What is the most original wedding venue you’ve been to?

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