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Abigail’s Fodder for Thought – Oh, What a Grand Affaire!

equine affaire ohio 2013

On a gloomy Wednesday morning I prepared to head from my home in Connecticut to Ohio for a trade show. Scratch that, during a torrential downpour I schlepped myself out of my house at four in the morning to catch a flight to Columbus. Anyone who knows me well knows this is a dangerous combination; bad weather, early morning and (dum dum dum) no coffee yet. The good news is, the only direction I could go from there was up, and UP it went.

This month Truss Arch Specialist Kat Hayden and I traveled together for the Equine Affaire. I am blessed that Kat and I are such a good match. Seeing her come into the airport a few minutes later made me realize we’re in this together and it’s really not that bad. We have one of those rapports with one another that goes unspoken.  We just get it. Traveling is tough but when you’re with someone you click with, it makes all the difference. Things were quiet in the beginning, until we got our coffee. Even at 5 am, I knew it was going to be an excellent day.

We traveled easily through our layover to Columbus. Getting through the airport was effortless and we even got a free upgrade on the rental car. Who doesn’t love that? The trade show location was less than fifteen minutes from the airport so we rode that charged up wave all the way through booth setup. Please, don’t be fooled by our petite sizes and sweet demeanors, we cranked through that setup in record time. Never question the power of two determined women.

cleveland travel

I joined Kat for a site visit near Cleveland that afternoon. While I love a good road trip as well as the next gal, the horrific rainstorms were not enjoyable. I got it that morning leaving my house I got it that afternoon, a solid three states away no less. “Whatever,” I thought, “Rain won’t ruin our parade.” Wouldn’t you know, I was right.

ClearSpan booth

The next three days were somewhat of a blur. Busy is not the word for the ClearSpan Fabric Structures booth. Not only were we exhibiting our beautiful indoor riding arenas but it was the first time introducing our new Micro Fodder-Pro 2.0 Feed System. With a daily production output of just sixty-pounds this system is perfectly sized for approximately three horses. Needless to say, it was a homerun in my opinion. With the show running from nine in the morning to seven at night, Kat and I grabbed dinner and relaxed a bit before getting back at it the next day. I have found that a properly charged battery is important, and not just for your fancy electronics.

Abigail saddle

Sunday was the last day of the show and things slowed down. It received a warm welcome from us.  Kat got to do a little shopping and I was able to really enjoy the food vendors. (Again, please don’t let my petite size fool you, I love to eat.) When it came time to break down other vendors were shocked to see one of our tables was actually a giant crate. We took the table cloth off, opened it up and packed it lickity-split. Pretty slick.

Abby, Kat tractor

Coming home, the trip was not as smooth as getting in. We had to change airlines due to a flight cancellation, and then there was a delay. I shouldn’t complain really.  My trips are always super smooth and the delay didn’t set us back but an hour or so. I got to enjoy more celebrity tabloids and time with Kat in the glorious airports of Columbus and Charlotte, but really, by midnight, you want to be home. I think we can all agree on that. I wanted to see my dog, Eleanor, and sleep in my own bed.

I can’t wait to head out again, though. Kat and I will be at the Western States Expo in Sacramento this June! Be sure to check back to read about our adventures!

Where would you like to see us exhibit next? We are always open to suggestions!

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