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The Great Eggsperiment: BBQ Chicken 101

Free range chickens

Okay, okay, it isn’t what it sounds like. We didn’t have Little Red or any of her sisters for dinner. I simply mean that the ladies got to come out and socialize at our first barbeque of the season!

A few Saturdays ago, several of my friends and I decided it might be a good idea to run a 10-mile race to kick off spring. Was it a good idea to try some physical fitness? Sure. Was it a good idea to do so without proper training? The jury is still out, but I’m going with no. With that said, the weather was perfect and we had our first real sunny day with temperatures around 50 degrees. As all New Englanders know, it is imperative that you take advantage of any early glimpse of sun because it has a knack of disappearing until at least late May. (The whole “April showers bring May flowers” thing holds true in these parts.) Anyhow, with several calories burned and ample sunshine, it was a good day to get outside and fire up that grill!

I let my hens free range outside when I’m home and they were more than happy to join our gathering that day. I was concerned at first, since some people don’t like house pets, let alone farm animals, at their feet. Overall, it seemed like everyone enjoyed feeding them and watching them scratch about in the strawberry patch, which is just past the sitting area. I really liked teaching my “city slicker” friends about how easy and fun chickens can be! My hope is that, with plenty of BBQ chicken parties this summer, more people will decide to start their own flocks.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

Here is Lena cuddling Princess (for the camera):



Here is Dan “mastering Whitey (his words, not mine):



It should be noted that Whitey is bossy and temperamental and does NOT like to be held. Let’s just say, Dan was not successful.

Here is a shot of Whitey chasing the cat. If you look closely, you can see white feet hustling in the opposite direction of Whitey’s glare. Did I mention she’s temperamental? I’ve learned my lesson and only approach her with bits of grapes if I need to coerce her back into the coop at night.


I hope you liked my BBQ chicken photos! What else would you like me to post about the Great Eggsperiment?

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