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Give the Gift of FarmTek this Holiday Season!

FarmTek Holiday Gift CenterIt’s that time of year again! If you’re like most people, there is a good chance there are a few stragglers on your holiday gift list. You know, those people who either already have everything or who are just too picky to ever know what to get them! Here at FarmTek, we put together a few lists of our own that are meant to help you with those outstanding gifts, giving you more time to relax this holiday season. Each list is categorized by price, so finding a gift to fit any budget is easy. Here are a few of these items that we think could be perfect for those hard-to-gift folks on your list!

$25 & Under

Pig Grain Leather Driving Gloves
You can never go wrong with gloves as a gift. They’re perfect for cold weather and they are one of those things people don’t ever seem to buy for themselves. Our pig grain leather driving gloves are great for keeping hands warm and protected from the elements. Give them to those on your list who spend time stacking firewood during the cold winter months, or driving their tractor around in the snow. They’ll be grateful every time they pull them on!

Heat Brooder
Know any pig farmers on your list? How about a durable heat brooder? FarmTek’s Adjusta Heat Brooder controls heating levels for pigs while standing strong against harsh environments. It has five adjustable positions that can be locked and adjust heat levels without having to use chains, tools or ladders, so your farmer friends can provide warmth to their pigs with ease.

$50 & Under

Hay Rack

During the winter months, animals can never have too much hay to munch on. Anyone who raises hay-loving animals will appreciate an extra rack to put up in their barn, making sure everyone gets their fair share! Available in both a wall and corner-mounted style, this is a great gift for the livestock owners on your gift list.

Pet Waterer
Any pet or livestock owner will appreciate this gift. This 5-quart double-dish pet waterer is an outdoor water dish that automatically stays full. It attaches to any garden hose or tap and automatically fills to the perfect drinking level. The pet owners on your list will love being able to save time and energy with this gift.

$100 & Under

Little Giant Muck Cart and Tub

Little Giant Muck Cart & Tub

Have you ever tried to maneuver a bulky wheelbarrow around small spaces or stalls in a barn? It’s not the easiest task! Make it easier for the farmers on your list with our Little Giant Muck Cart and Tub. Whether it’s cleaning out a stall, transporting hay bales or taking out the garbage, this handy addition to the tool shed is sure to be a hit with practically anyone you know. Its heavy-duty construction can handle up to 350 lbs. and can fold up easily for storage and travel. Add the 70-quart DuraFlex muck tub and you’re giving a gift that will surely get daily use and a lot of praise!

YardGard Pest Repellent

It may be cold now but come spring, no one likes to deal with the pesky critters who show up and make their homes in nicely-kept gardens and yards. Give this practical gift to the gardener or homeowner on your list and help them safely repel trouble-makers such as raccoons, skunks, rabbits, rodents and more. No more traditional mouse traps or nasty chemicals that can harm the critters that ARE welcome! The YardGard emits harmless sonic or ultrasonic sounds that deter pests from bothering yards and gardens, which will be sure to make those who love their plants and yards very happy!

$200 & Under

Construction Site/Utility Heater

Do you have a Do-It-Yourselfer on your list who loves to work on projects in a garage or workshop? Chances are they don’t like having to stop working when the weather gets cold! Keep them going with our portable and durable Utility Heater. With variable temperature settings and an internal thermostat, this heater safely provides maximum comfort to smaller work and utility spaces. This heater provides a 43ᵒ air heat rise, so it’s perfect to use on even the coldest days.

Pop-Up Canopies

Know anyone on your list who sells goods at your local farmer’s market? How about the weekly Bar-B-Que-er? FarmTek’s Pop-Up Canopies are the perfect gift for anyone with the need to get out of the sun, rain or snow on a fairly regular basis. Perfect for transporting, these canopies are a great solution for keeping the elements off market goodies, providing shade at sporting events, or for use during your favorite tailgate parties! Available with side panels, these canopies are ideal for a variety of uses that anyone can be sure to appreciate.

What gifts are you planning on buying this year? Let us know in the comments!

Pop-Up Canopies and Side Panels

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