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Picture Blog: A Little Help from FarmTek and a Bit of Ingenuity

Indoor PoolWhen a unique situation arises, what better to do than provide a unique solution? Ron S. built an addition to his home and wanted to put an indoor pool in the basement, but moisture control, safety and creating a thermal barrier were some of his concerns. He turned to FarmTek for help and here’s his experience:

Using Sunshine Clear Insulated Curtain material, FarmTek fabricated a cover to fit our 16’ by 36’ pool. The curtain was sewn together with double seams into one piece with pockets along all four sides. I built a PVC frame to stretch the cover and hooked it to an electric winch to lift the cover to the ceiling during pool use. I expect it to last more than 20 years.
Sunshine Curtain Pool Cover

I also utilized a SunStar® ToughGuy Infrared U-Tube Heater for sunshine-like warmth on snowy winter evenings and a 24” Exhaust Fan with Aluminum Louver Shutters to help remove warm, humid air and provide a cooler breeze for hot summer days in the pool.Infrared Pool Room Heater

With a little help from FarmTek and a bit of ingenuity, Ron was able to create a dream escape in his house. An easy-to-lift cover ensures safety and reduces evaporation when the pool isn’t in use, while an exhaust fan provides needed airflow.

With an infrared heater, Ron and his family no longer need to travel to the tropics to escape during the winter. Instead, they can experience sun-like warmth in their own home.

Ron only had one complaint throughout the process—that he had to buy his cold beer from another supplier!

Has FarmTek helped you with a solution to an unusual situation?

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