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FarmTek Farmers get their Grow on in CT

At FarmTek, we pride ourselves on educating our staff with hands-on training, which means eventually everyone has to get some dirt under their fingernails! After successfully starting our seeds indoors this year, we moved them into the back lot of our Connecticut office. We’ve got jalapenos in raised beds, petunias in hanging baskets and eggplants in NFT channels growing abundantly. Take a look for yourself!

Young jalapeno plantBountiful jalapenos

Our jalapenos started strong early in the season (left) and have been producing enough peppers to harvest a basketful every day (right).

Nearly-ripe tomatoes

Our tomatoes are in the same raised bed as the jalapenos and are just days away from producing ripe red fruit for our team. We credit the success of the jalapenos and tomatoes to our semi-controlled growing environment. We are using a drip irrigation system to pump nutrient-rich water to each plant. The raised beds and surrounding fence have also kept away any critters looking to snag a quick snack.

Big, beautiful sunflowerBeautiful sunflowers

In the neighboring raised bed, we had some big beautiful sunflowers grow up quickly. So quickly, they’ve been harvested and homegrown sunflowers are being passed around the office already.

A cucumber growing up our trellis system

In the same bed are some healthy looking cukes. To be honest, there was a touch and go moment with one of the plants but we made some nutrient adjustments and are now getting cucumbers the size of eggplants! Luckily, we constructed a trellis system that makes it quick and easy to harvest all of them.

Hydroponically grown eggplants

Our non-conventional growing has also been successful. Besides cucumbers, we tried our hand at growing eggplants hydroponically in NFT channels. Looks like it’s going well, no?

Petunias in hanging baskets

Finally, we have pretty petunias thriving in their hanging baskets in the greenhouse. You can’t make salsa with these girls, but they’re delicious to look at.

All in all, this season is growing quiet well. We aren’t experiencing a severe drought here in New England, but we could definitely use some more rain. Luckily, our controlled growing environment has afforded us a healthy crop. What are you using to keep your plants growing during this dry time?

Bumble bee pollinating jalapenos

FarmTek Employee of the Month!

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