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Spotlight on Riverside Alpaca Farm and their Herd’s New Home

Livestock Housing by FarmTekRaising livestock can be extremely rewarding, especially when you find a way to keep them happy and comfortable in their space. Moving from one farm to another can be especially hard for livestock, so if the new home you transition them into is much better than the last, it can make the change a bit easier. This was the case when John and Christine Gardiner moved from Sandy, Oregon to Cave Junction and offered their alpacas quite the upgrade in living quarters.

Alpaca housing in a ClearSpan buildingAfter moving from their old farm in Sandy, Oregon, John and Christine Gardiner were without barns for their alpacas. Having dealt with the difficulties of buildings spaced too far apart at their previous location, the Gardiners decided to purchase a ClearSpan™ Super Moo-Tel® and four connector canopies. John says, “The price was right and I could erect it much faster than any other building.”

Using a design created by John, two canopies were attached to each side of the Moo-Tel to allow the alpacas to move freely from one building to another. John states, “With the flexibility of our new barn we now have our herd serviced from the same barn, which makes the daily routine highly efficient. The alpacas love to be under the cooler canopies, but come into the Moo-Tel for supplementary feeding.” He adds, “It is easier for the alpacas to be at ease in a building that doesn’t have a big light/dark transition as they enter, and no dark shadows even when artificially lit.”

Livestock Housing in ClearSpanTM Super Moo-Tel®The Gardiners have found the environment pleasant to work in due to the spaciousness and good ventilation of the Moo-Tel and the connecting canopies. In addition, visitors at the farm have commented on the airiness of the structure. John continues, “It’s wonderful to be able to stay in the barn without artificial light. As long as there is daylight outside, it seems like day inside.” An added bonus for John and Christine is how “the structure gives the feeling of being outside without the wind, rain or direct sun.” Overall, they are very pleased with their ClearSpan structure.

Have you moved livestock in the past? What tricks do you have for people doing the same?

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