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Spotlight on The Baalands – “Fabric Structures are Hard to Beat.”

Sheep Farm Livestock Housing 2Many farmers are often in search of a cost-effective and comfortable environment to house their livestock during the winter. Now that spring has sprung, how did your livestock fair over the winter season? If you’re looking into a better situation for next year, see how one of our FarmTek customers solved her animals’ winter blues with a ClearSpan™ Storage Master SolarGuard Building, which she uses for sheep housing and extra storage space.

Susan Shoenian, the owner of The Baalands sheep farm in Clear Spring, MD, prefers that she has a barn for lambing and sheltering her animals during the winter. She explains, “I’m a firm believer in housing sheep in the winter because it cuts down on my labor, since feed and water are in the barn. Less feed is needed because the sheep are warmer and don’t have to walk as far, and they don’t beat up the pastures.”

Sheep Farm Livestock Housing 3 When Susan began her search for a barn, she had already heard about the increasing popularity of fabric structures for livestock, and was attracted by their reasonable cost and the flexibility of their open floor plan. At the advice of her brother, who has his own ClearSpan structure, she chose a 30′ wide by 72′ long ClearSpan Storage Master SolarGuard Building.

With forty ewes and three rams on her 8.2 acre farm, Susan is happy with the addition of the Storage Master. “The hoop structure is working out well,” she says. “I use a quarter to a third of it for feed and equipment storage. The rest is used to house sheep.” Susan was able to set up movable pens inside it to contain her sheep.

Susan finds that her sheep are healthier in her ClearSpan structure than they would be in a traditional wood or steel building. She explains, “I think the openness and ease of ventilation of the Storage Master helps to prevent any respiratory problems in the sheep.”

For anyone looking for a building to keep their sheep warm and comfortable in the winter, Susan suggests, “Look hard at cost comparisons between fabric structures and traditional wood or steel structures. Fabric structures are hard to beat.” She continues, “Whenever people visit my farm, they are interested in the hoop structure and ask many questions. I’m hoping to have one put in at the research center where I work.” Susan loves her building – and the sheep do too!

What benefits have you experienced from providing winter shelter for your livestock? Sheep Farm Livestock Housing 1

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