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At FarmTek, we’re more than just a catalog. Since 1979, FarmTek has expanded from a regional, two-person operation to one with corporate headquarters and sales call center located in South Windsor, Connecticut and a manufacturing and distribution center located in Dyersville, Iowa. This growth has allowed us to become a one-stop shop for agricultural needs, serving more than 300,000 happy customers worldwide.

It is our mission to make your life easier by providing products and information that help simplify running your farm, business or home. To that end, we strive to provide the highest quality products at the most competitive prices and to communicate our knowledge through this blog, buyer’s guides, webinars and more.


Abigail T.

Abigail Tobey – Fodder Specialist

Hello all, my name is Abigail. I began as an intern at FarmTek in 2008 while I was still in college. I am a fodder, structure, product and dairy equipment specialist here so my days here are always eventful. I grew up in Maine, splitting my time between the beautiful rocky seacoast and our family potato farm further north. Some of my fondest memories are spending that quality time with my grandparents and extended family, learning about hard work, patience and taking pride in what you do. That’s why I feel so blessed to work here and do what I love.

I first got interested in fodder because, to put it frankly, I thought it was cool. As an extremely curious person by nature, I was enthralled by this idea of hydroponic forage production. Every morning I would come into the warehouse and spend some time with the research & development guys, just asking question (after question after question). In the time since my interest still grows and I love that there is always something new to learn. It’s incredibly exciting to be able to share this “new generation of farming,” in all its simplicity, with our customers.

Sam Shroyer – Greenhouse Manager

My love of horticulture germinated on a small family farm in Northeastern Iowa. I learned early on the value of a hard day’s work and the satisfaction of growing your own food.  While earning my Bachelor’s degree in horticulture from South Dakota State University, I had internships in Denver, CO and Boston, MA. I was also lucky enough to be chosen to travel to Bolivia where a few classmates and I helped a small village establish sustainable agriculture practices. Some of my passions include my work with hydroponic tomatoes and growing fresh produce year round.

I joined FarmTek in early 2011. With almost 20 years of horticultural experience, my goal is to “re-teach” the public that sustainability and self-sufficiency is well within everyone’s reach. I feel that gardening has been removed from the fabric of our lives for a couple of generations. NOW is the time to rectify this situation! As a company, we are taking the steps to be on the leading edge of sustainability and profitability in the green industry.  We are prepared to help the small farmer and the commercial grower reach their personal goals in the agriculture industries.

Kathy Benoit – Dairy Specialist

My love of farming started at the age of 7 years old. I began in 4-H with a small group of rabbits and quickly grew up to have a desire to be a dairy farmer. My love of agriculture grew from being involved in 4-H and FFA during my school years and continued to grow as I attended the University of Connecticut in the animal science program. During my last year of college, I was a resident of the UCONN dairy barn, and milked cows for the farm I presently rent for my own herd of dairy cattle. I have been milking and showing my own small herd of Holsteins and Milking Shorthorns for the last 4 years.

I joined FarmTek in 2006 as a National Account Manager. While here at FarmTek, I have been privileged to be involved with our structures and general merchandise, while being able to specialize in our dairy systems and Premium Curtain Systems. In recent years, I have also become our product trainer, where I get to teach our other National Account Managers about both our extensive product lines, and the industries where they are used best. I am excited to share my knowledge with our National Account Managers, as well as our customers, and I hope my experiences can help any farmer become more productive, while keeping budget and efficiency in mind.


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